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A previous essayist wrote,

"Each of us will eventually ask whether our life mattered, some of us not until our last breath; but, all of us will ask. Sooner or later, we all will deeply appreciate that our lives are precious and meaningful. Many of us will wish that we arrived at this profound realization much sooner.

Why not make sure we leave behind as much trust, love, and positive karma that we can? Why not exercise more compassion? The more of us living this way, the more that the current overwhelming impact of crimes against trust will be reversed, and the more certain we will realize our sacred purpose to increase the happiness and to decrease the suffering of ourselves and others."

Each of us, including Kelsang Gyatso and the followers of his unique religion.

They will eventually face the horror of their worldly fights and recognize that they caused substantial harm to others.

Kelsang Gyatso's management, clergy, web site producers and Internet bloggers will eventually recognize that their fights were a waste of their precious lives and generators of adverse conditions for their own beneficial spiritual paths and a detriment to everyone else's.

NKT's members and students will eventually recognize that they made grave mistakes entering into NKT. Many have already expressed their sorrow and sometimes overwhelming sense of guilt for harming themselves and others arising from their involvement with NKT.

Still, NKT remains oblivious to its adverse impact, instead feeding it with its deleterious actions and lust for control. Its clergy, most notably its senior clergy, are arrogant, egocentric and removed from their vows and tenets of Buddhism. For them, pride outweighs spirituality and Kelsang Gyatso's 'pure' theology outweighs the teachings of Tsongkhapa and Buddha Shakyamuni.

NKT's horror derives from its allegiance to Shugden, a spirit originating from a rebellion against the 5th Dalai Lama (1617-1682) organized by Drakpa Gyaltsen, abbot of the powerful Drepung Monastery, over his disagreement with the 5th Dalai Lama's interest to harmonize all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, an anathema to a cultish sect inside Tibet at the time headed by Dragpa Gyaltsen. Due to his conspiracy against the 5th Dalai Lama, Drakpa Gyaltsen was killed (some historians indicate that he committed suicide to hasten his becoming a vengeful force).

"Whilst the corpse was being burned on a pyre, a threatening cloud which resembled a huge black hand, the hand of the avenger, was formed by the ascending smoke. After his death the murdered lama, Drakpa Gyaltsen, transformed into a martial spirit and took on the fearsome name of Dorje Shugden, which means the “Bellower of the Thunderbolt”. He continued to pursue his political goals from the beyond. Shortly after his death — the legend reports — all manner of unhappy incidents befell the country. Towns and villages were afflicted with sicknesses. The Tibetan government constantly made wrong decisions, even the Fifth Dalai Lama was not spared. Every time he wanted to have a meal in the middle of the day...Dorje Shugden manifested himself as an invisible evil force, up-ended the dinner tables and damaged the “ His Holiness’s possessions”. Ultimately it proved possible to subdue the vengeful spirit through all manner of rituals, but he did not therefore remain inactive...the abbot who had transformed into a protective god organized (from the beyond, so to speak) a oppositional grouping within the Yellow Hat (Gelugpa) order, who wanted (and still want) to enforce the absolute supremacy of their order by magical and practical political means. For example, at the beginning of the 20th century the invocation of Shugden by the powerful Yellow Hat lama, Pabongka Rinpoche, was used to suppress the Nyingmapas and Kagyupas in eastern Tibet. An outright ritual war was fought out: “... whenever this [Shugden] ritual was practiced in the Gelugpa monasteries, the surrounding monasteries of the other schools [performed] certain practices so as to check the negative forces again” (Kagyü Life 21-1996, p. 34)." (Victor and Victoria Trimondi, Chapter 7: The war of the oracle gods and the Shugden affair, from The Shadow of the Dalai Lama: Sexuality, Magic and Politics in Tibetan Buddhism, 2003; similar accounts of Shugden's origination and purpose have been presented by many researchers and authors)

Dragpa Gyaltsen was an antagonist of the 5th Dalai Lama. His angry spirit, known as Shugden, has antagonised Dalai Lamas since, particularly via NKT to antagonize the current (14th) Dalai Lama.

Remarkably, NKT argues that Shugen serves to protect Dharma. However, if Shugen was real, NKT, effectively a villain against Dharma, would not exist.

Dorje Shugden