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Hell Realm Cult

See what is in store for you.

For many years, Kelsang Gyatso and his hell realm cult have assaulted Buddhism and its followers, most viscously those who depart Gyatso/NKT's abuse and seek recovery.

One example is an NKT ex-nun, targeted for defamation. A favorite Gyatso/NKT ploy is to post content around the Internet, positioning it as written by their target.

Why do they do it? It has made them wealthy and powerful in their hell-bent minds.

(From Gyatso/NKT's target..."There are hundreds of different kinds of memes with my name on them. The worst had a gagged and bound woman. Relentless harassment, on and offline since around 2010 - from 2014 onwards it was worse.")

Another notorious example, targeted with defamatory assault against her employment and a web site based on her name. (see this)