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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

We hereby add the following copyrights to our copyrights for nktworld© and nktworld.org© since 2008.

Kadampa© since 2019

New and Improved Kadampa Tradition© since 2019

Kadampa Buddhism© since 2019

New Kadampa Buddhism© since 2019

International Kadampa Buddhism© since 2019

Tsongkhapa's New Kadampa© since 2019

Atisha's Kadampa© since 2019

New Kadampa© since 2019

Kadampa Buddhism Center© since 2019

International Kadampa Center© since 2019

Save Kadampa from NKT© since 2019

The Real Kadampa© since 2019

True Kadampa© since 2019

NKT Fakery© since 2019

Kadampa World© since 2019

NKT's Cult© since 2019

Gyatso's Shugden Cult© since 2019

These are also not commercial enterprises, no donations, no revenues. We hope that Gyatso/NKT will not copy and/or abuse our copyrights. We wonder if Gyatso/NKT will now purchase trademarks for our copyrights. And, if they do they may corruptly use taxpayer subsidies to do so.

The term 'Kadampa' has been in public use for a thousand years since its creation by Atisha. The term 'New Kadampa' has been in public use for 600 years since its creation by Tsongkhapa.

The term 'NKT' has been in used for decades by musicians, electricians, services, neuroscientis and countess other organizations. And, the term has been used hundreds of thousands of times by book authors, magazine authors, academic treatises, academic theses, the media and public as a short-hand reference to 'New Kadampa Tradition'.

The terms 'NKTWORLD', 'nktworld' and 'nktworld.org' have been has been used and copyrighted since 2008 in this web site. These terms have been used at least thousands of times by people refering to this web site. Internet searches will provide countless references to a search for 'nkt world' unrelated to this web site.

Nowadays, government agencies do not grant copyrights but do grant trademarks regardless of prior use of terms.

For example, the US trademark office has granted trademarks for 'NKT' in 2018 to an electrical company, in 2010 to a clothing company, in 2004 to an ink cartridge company, in 2000 to a business consultant company and in 1983 to a metals company. There have been many trademarks for somewhat related terms, eg NKT365, NKT Cables, NKT Flexibles, NKT Integration.

After many other copyrights and trademarks for 'NKT' and somewhat related terms, Gyatso's company purchased trademarks for 'NKT' and 'NKT-IKBU' (2014) and KADAMPA BUDDHISM NKT-IKBU (2015). And, Gyatso's company purchased a trademark for 'New Kadampa' (the name of Tsongkhapa's form of Tibetan Buddhism founded in the 1400s) in 2016 as well as various somewhat related terms 2014-2019.

That anyone anytime, even now, can purchase a trademark for the term 'NKT' or ' Kadampa' effectively shows how weak the trademark system is. These terms have been used for decades or hundreds of years before trademarks.

If anything, Gyatso/NKT owe millions of dollars/pounds to Tsonghapa's monastery for appropriating (but terribly distorting) Tsongkhapa's New Kadampa Tibetan Buddhism.

Gyatso's company got into the trademark business long after its creation in 1991, at least 23 years after, 600 years after the creation of New Kadampa Buddhism and 1000 years after Kadampa Buddhism.

Obviously, trademarks do not mean what they use to. Anyone can purchase a trademark for anything, including using terms already trademarked. And, a trademark is not granted for all uses of a term but limited to the use applied for, eg clothing, metals, consulting, books, conferences etc.

Costs for a trademark are a few thousand dollars, much more if a lawyer is involved. Thus, it would appear that Gyatso's company found tens of thousands of dollars to enter into the trademark business in 2014.

Trademarks are not enforced by the government, ie the issuer. They are inforced by those who purchased the trademark. Costs of such enforcement could easily exceed $10,000 per trademark. Success would be unlikely for trademarks based on prior use of the term, eg NKT, New Kadampa. These Gyatso's company trademarks are also easily confused with other's use of these terms, eg New Kadampa, making enforcement highly unlikely.

On the other hand, it would be unfair to start a business in the same market using an established business's name. Eg, it would be unfair for a new entity to use the name 'New Kadampa Tradition' in order to mimic and dilute the original business to unfairly siphon away revenues. However, if someone started a business with this name in a business not covered by the limited purposes in the granted trademark, there would be no conflict.

Several years ago, Gyatso/NKT claimed that nktworld.org confused thousands of its followers (this would represent ALL its followers) to believe that nktworld.org was owned/marketed by Gyatso/NKT and it thereby represented, without a single shred of evidence, an existential threat to Gyatso/NKT. Clearly, more lies. No one could be confused and nktworld.org stole no business from Gyatso/NKT. And, Gyatso/NKT has raked in millions of dollars/pounds since. Notably, nktworld.org has taken in ZERO dollars/pounds. If nktworld.org was a business, a case could be made that Gyatso/NKT's countless attacks against nktworld.org producedan exstential threat to nktworld.org. Again, nktworld.org and hundreds of thousands of others used the letters 'nkt' long before Gyatso/NKT trademarked 'NKT'. Gyatso/NKT are pitiful.

It is interesting to research the meaning of NKT. We found that NKT can mean expression of annoyance, twice-weekly practice of not wearing underwear for work or the clicking sound one makes when something annoys them. Is this how Gyatso/NKT define themselves? If not, perhaps they should.

Unlike Gyatso's business, nktworld©/nktworld.org© is not a commercial enterprise. There are no donations and no revenues. All content here is free to use. We hope the content and intentions will not be abused by Gyatso/NKT or anyone else.

Fortunately, there are many centers around the world for Kadampa Buddhism. Eg, https://fpmt.org/centers/

And, there are many centers for other schools of Buddhism around the world, eg Thai Buddhism, Forest Monastery, Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Sakya, Nyngma, Kagyu, Gelug, Dharmaguptaka, Prasangika and many more. Schools with hundreds of years of history are recommended.

There are also many books available.