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NKT Hazard

Many have reported that NKT is hazardous to your health, spirituality and future livelihood - kicked out, banned, ripped off, threatened and publicly attacked.

Legend and legacy.

Power and greed is NKT's motivation.

Anti-Buddhism is NKT's strategy.

Most of NKT's tactics are overt.

Insidious though is NKT's use of distorted Buddhist spirituality. Promises of quick enlightenment and Buddhahood abound to those who donate their time and money the most.

Deeply insidious is NKT's use of meditation to instill attitudes, ideas and habits by persistent instruction devoid of all forms of Buddhism other than Kelsang Gyatso's elitist, separatist and militant "new tradition". The only concepts and "spirituality" permitted are Kelsang Gyatso's. Nowhere inside NKT can be found the writings of Tsongkhapa, Atisha (originators of Kadampa Buddhism) or anyone else other than those of Kelsang Gyatso on sale in the store.

Most insidious is NKT's use of Shugden, a controversial demon politics most famous now because of NKT's protest rallies around the world against the Dalai Lama and Internet attacks against disbelievers.

Most importantly insidious is NKT's process of ego gratification and meditation minus compassion, squeezing out the real Kadampa pursuit of active kindness toward others and achieving our pure destiny. Resulting problems intensify, compound and accumulate, leading to serious emotional and psychological distress for those who dose too often.

This is the heart of NKT's errant purpose. The lack of active compassion without reward and impossible promises of quick nirvana. Ultimately futile but hazardous.

There are safer and better ways to realize our potential. For one, follow your heart not your ego.