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Hi !

Let me first of all praise your work to protect Buddhism.

1st point.

I believe it is a very noble intention.

So is the intention of all the individual who manifested against the Dalai-Lama ban of DS and its impact in tibet from what I understood then you must be careful of what you say about this very intention.

so in the end, you and them have the same one... but is the one you consider your spiritual guide required this virtual manifestation of you? (i do not know) BUT i know (because I've been around NKT) that theirs action were asked of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

therefore, with the intention to protect buddhism AND relying upon their spiritual guide.

even if Geshe K G is wrong here.. individually everyone who obeys him thinking he must be right are actually accumulating tons of merit and doing the very action of great Bodhisattvas ??

tell me if I'm wrong

of course ignorance is in their mind. but it is in the mind of every non enlightened being and from what I understood. it is Dje Tsongkapa's wish and instructions to not reveal accomplishment. (You would NEVER know who is a Buddha nowaday as they would NEVER reveal it following their own spiritual guide's instructions (I think thats also a good notion to include in your website))

2nd point.

As Geshe Kelsang Gyatso never (from what I searched) said he himself was a Buddha. It can only be subjective interpretation from his disciples he is a manifestation of (Maitreya). Which I think is a good quality from a disciple's mind in regard to his sipritual guide (I just finished Milarepa's biography and it sure does sounds like this ! and according to Marpas first behavior you wouldnt tell he is a Buddha would you ? haha)

therefore maybe you should not speak Ill of him being regarded as such when you (or your people) yourself call His holyness the Dalai-Lama a manifestation of Avalokiteshvara

I see only similar behavior. all worthy of the highest praise

I kinda felt like your website was against NKT.

Buddhas in order to help living beings spread Dharma.

maybe if your intention is pure you do the same and do not fuel any feud : promote your tradition, do not speak ill of others.

it is my advice as a friend. :) I believe in Karma

(and try not to forget hihihi)

may you be happy


Editors Note:
The above essay was submitted by an NKTite.

This web site supports Buddhism and Tsongkhapa. It does not seek to foster any tradition, fuel any feud or protect anything.

We have little in common with NKT. We do not agree that NKT's war against the Dalai Lama, other Tibetan Lamas and NKT survivors is noble.

We agree with Buddha Shakyamuni that all students need to question their spiritual guide. We pray that NKT clergy, students, renters and followers do so.