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Hopefully False



To Gyatso's right is Darrick Okkelberg, who an NKT support web site says is a wide-ranging criminal. Embezzlement, narcotics, etc. His partner, Abby Citron says she is an NKT teacher in Florida. As of 2014, Okkelberg/Citron were arrested 29 times. Though not a crime, Okkelberg promotes himself as a monk and a bisexual seeking dates.

In 2011, Kelsang Oden of NKT conceptualized and founded Dharma Bridge Foundation together with Losang Tenpa aka Duke aka Tenzin Sungrab aka Darrick R Okkelberg. To ensure the integrity of the foundation, one monk from each of the following monasteries Shar Gaden, Serpom, Segyu, Phelgyeling and Samten Choling were invited to become co-administrators of Dharma Bridge Foundation, and to represent their respective monasteries.

It has been reported that AFTER Okkelberg's crimes became publicly known, Gyatso disassociated himself from Okkelberg. Shouldn't NKT 'Buddha' Gyatso have known he was meeting with a criminal? Are they actually disassociated?


(all of this information came from a web site of an organizational supporter of Gyatso and NKT)