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Polluting Buddhism
The politics, envy, and greed of Kelsang Gyatso and NKT

Gyatso/NKT's war front line

Neil Elliot/Thubten without robe

A Gyatso/Manifesto, The Tibetan Situation Today


Gyatso/NKT allies murder three of Dalai Lama's close associates near Dalai Lama residence (In 1997, Kelsang Gyatso claimed in his letter to Newsweek that he condemned the murders, although he also claimed, FALSELY, that he had abandoned protesting against the Dalai Lama. The pictures above of Gyatso's protest rallies were taken AFTER early 2008; also, in April 2008, Gyatso announced in writing that we was re-igniting his political war against the Dalai Lama)


Nick Gillespie honors Dekyong and megaphones against Dalai Lama


Nick Gillespie and Lucy James (left)


From Lucy James



This harmful Gyatso/NKT distortion has damaged many, losing reality after being brainwashed into believing that they and their suffering, sickness, and death do not exist. All you have to look forward to is nothing. This is a central strategy of theirs to expand their now-massive wealth at the expense of their clergy, teachers, and members. And when you self destruct, they blame you for being unfaithful and not handing over enough money. Sometimes, they create global Internet and employer defamation campaigns against you for sharing your experience with their cult. Shut up or else.


More incompetence or lies; either way, this is false


Deals too,


Selling tantra


Celebrate death, not life


Tired of meditating, try a sensuous Gyatso/NKT spa


Shugden wrote prayer to Thubten, removed as NKT monk and Gyatso heir after sexual exploits though returned to manage NKT tantra


The cult


Fire up the assembly line


And a comic book for Shugden too, celebrating this evil spirit


Like Gyatso did, this web site granted itself the Geshe degrees...nothing to sell, no gifts accepted


Two top Gyatso/NKT teachers' other career



Dr. Michelle Haslam, defame and destroy


Gyatso/NKT claimed in 2015 that this web site created in 2008 violated their 2014 trademark, BUT several other companies have trademarks for 'NKT' (lines 4,5,6 refer to Gyatso/NKT). By inference, Gyatso/NKT believe that anyone using the letters 'nkt' violates their weak trademark!

But, Gyatso/NKT have no problem stealing from the Lego company and SuperMan to sell Gyatso/NKT,

Never ceasing to be remarkable, the essay OZ, WONDERLAND AND MAKE BELIEVE

Example of vile submitted to this web site by Gyatso/NKT supporters (also submitted photographic threats showing Holocaust and Vietnam war executions)


Video testimonies from four NKT survivors,

Carol McGuire 1

Carol McGuire 2

Andrew Durling

Amanda Zinski

Linda Ciardiello

Linda Ciardiello



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