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The NKT Goliath

NKT is fixated on making several Davids in its David and Goliath theater.

NKT began with an elderly monk exiled from Tibet, the Dalai Lama (now 80 years old). Then it blamed its survivors for its problems.

NKT's latest David is this web site, nktworld.org, insisting that a web site ranked about 19 millionth and worth about $80 is causing the demise of its international business allegedly servicing hundreds of thousands of followers at its 1,200 centers around the world.

This web site has never generated a dime or tenpence. In contrast, NKT enjoys revenues of tens of millions of dollars or pounds annually, proud of its massive network of 'temples', some of which are quite large and ornate. NKT thrives on large taxpayer subsidies, providing support for its international political extremism against Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama.

NKT has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds against its putative Davids.

So little to do, so little compassion. So much waste.