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NKT, which despises Tibetan Buddhism, rationalizes its Shugden religion on numerous false foundations.

For example, NKT insists Shugden is worthy of religion based in part on NKT's claim that the TIbetan Sakya tradition is devoted to Shugden.

Of course, this is false.

Many Sakyas have noted this, reinforcing that Shugden is not a Buddha as NKT insists.

Also see a statement by Sakya scholar, Jeff Watt...

"According to Sakyapa oral history a high-ranking Gelugpa Lama, who lived in the 17th Century, committed suicide due to mental distress and subsequently became a daemon bent on causing many problems in Central Tibet and on seeking revenge against his enemies. Many lamas tried to subjugate the daemon but to no avail. Sakya Trizin Sonam Rinchen (the son of Sakya Trizin Ngawang Kunga Tashi, 1656-1711) was finally able to subjugate the worldly daemon, who is now known as Gyalpo Shugden.

Because Shugden was so terrifying and caused so many problems Sakya Trizin Sonam Rinchen made an offer to him that Sakyapa monks would ritually feed him once a day by offering torma in the daily 'Protector Puja' and in exchange Shugden would not harm or kill sentient beings. This offer was excepted by Shugden. The main monastery of Sakya, Lhakang Chenmo, and its branch monasteries offer torma to Shugden daily and have done so for the past few hundred years. The text used is approximately one folio in length, back and front. No branch of the Sakyapas (Ngorpa, Tsharpa, etc.) other than the original tradition practice the torma offering to Shugden.

Shugden is completely a worldly deity. I have never seen any text or heard of any oral commentary coming from a Sakyapa Lama, living or dead, past or present, that states anything other than the worldly nature of Shugden. In particular, he is not regarded by Sakyapas as an emanation of Manjushri or of Yamantaka."