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A book in French by Maxime Vivas is soon to be released. Shugdenites are liking it very much.

The book is all about the Dalai Lama, now in his late 70s, and his implied ongoing relationship with the CIA because of its funding of the Tibet Government in Exile (purportedly during the 1960s and 1970s) and of the Dalai Lama "From 1959 to 1972, 104 to 20,000 dollars have been personally paid each year."

$104 to $20,000 a year 1959-1972! Oh my! NKT makes more than this several days a week.

According to the book's author...

"Indeed, Tibet is easily akin to a country of religious totalitarianism where Dalai Lama rules as a pope over the Vatican. He has, for example, recently condemned a divinity worship he no longer considered as belonging to the Buddhist pantheon. A whole worshipers community was put on the fringe of society...

He (Maxime Vivas) is today the co-administrator of the alternative news website legrandsoir.info. He was a literary referent at ATTAC-France."

(legrandsoir.info headlines itself as "Journal Militant d'Information Alternative")

(the Dalai Lama has not ruled over Tibet since China's communist invasion of the 1950s often hailed by Shugdenites)

Maxime Vivas describes his book...

"An unprecedented criticism and a vitriolic portrait of Dalai Lama..."

In 2009, Maxime Vivas wrote about how the CIA controls the worldwide media, releasing the story on a web site headed with the phrase "To rebel is right, to disobey is a duty to act is necessary!" The CIA is everywhere, seen as very bad by Shugdenites who prefer anarchy and terror and. They are proud of Shugden's wrath against disbelievers and their own protests against Buddhism and Tibet.

NKT is pleased with a new stone thrown at the Dalai Lama.