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Get with the Program or Get Out

I am witnessing within my own NKT centre an attempt at an imposition of total obedience to the commands and doctrinal orthodoxy emanating from NKT central authority.

Teachers of many years standing are being labeled as ’impure’ because of alleged deviance from doctrinal orthodoxy in their teachings, without any evidence or explanation provided, even when asked, and when people like myself do ask, they are then themselves asked to stop teaching or not recognised as having any legitimate role within their centres.

No debate or discussion about the changes head office is making is allowed and no pleas for consultation about the changes from centre members is even acknowledged, let alone replied to.

I suspect my centre is not the only one where such imposition of greater central control is happening, and if it is done in the same grossly insensitive way it is being done at my centre, then that can only damage whatever autonomy and initiative there still is within individual centres, which are still registered charities in their own right even if they come under the overall umbrella of the NKT-IKB.

My centre is forcing people to choose between displaying a publicly visible loyalty and obedience to NKT central authority and allowing whatever changes are ordered to be implemented, or resisting by helping to move the centre towards outright independence from the NKT, a last resort which is very painful to contemplate but necessary if any local autonomy and initiative is to be salvaged.