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NKTWORLD is hereby granted the degree and title 'Geshe'.

But hold the applause, cancel the party, don't buy gifts, don't build temples, don't design monastic robes, don't apply for tax subsidies.

It is just as fake as Gyatso's self-granted 'Geshe'. Even his monastery said it was fake.

Geshe ("virtuous friend") or geshema is a Tibetan Buddhist academic degree for monks and nuns. Many years of study and many examinations must be passed, administered by a Tibetan monastery.

The Gelug curriculum, which lasts between 12 and 40 years, centers around textual memorization and ritualized debate, and is invariably taught through the medium of the Tibetan language. Each year an examination is held for those who have completed their studies. In it their performance is evaluated by the abbot of the particular college. The topics for their dialectical examination are drawn from the whole course of study and the topic to be debated is selected by the abbot on the spot, so that students have no chance to do specific preparation. Thus, it is a real test of a student's abilities and the depth of their study. At the conclusion the abbot assigns each candidate to a category of geshe according to their ability. There are four such categories, Dorampa, Lingtse, Tsorampa and Lharampa, Lharampa being the highest. After this, in order to qualify, the candidates are not allowed to miss even one of the three daily debate sessions during the subsequent eight months.

Gyatso accomplished none of this, although he received some training at Gelug monasteries.

Gyatso, while attending Sera Je Monastery briefly, never completed his training and never took the required examinations. He quit. No monastery ever awarded Gyatso the 'Geshe' degree. Instead, Gyatso granted himself a fake 'Geshe' degree and started a fake Buddhism 'ministry' for profit, creating a distorted presentation of Tibetan Kadampa Buddhism. Gyatso abandoned Tibetan Buddhism in the 1990s according to the current director. On several occasions, Gyatso pronounced Tibetan Buddhism corrupt. Furthermore, Gyatso bans real Geshes and books about Buddhism, although the allowed books inside NKT (authored only by Gyatso and published by NKT's store) are generally acceptable for beginners (disregarding passages about NKT's demon god Shugden is advised).

No book by the esteemed founders of Tibetan Kadampa Buddhism, Atisha and Tsongkhapa (founding Kadampa and New Kadampa Buddhism, respectively) or their lineage holders for hundreds of years are allowed inside NKT. No Geshes, Lamas or teachers from Tibetan Buddhism are allowed inside NKT. Hundreds of Buddhism books and hundreds of Buddhist teachers are banned inside NKT. Gyatso and NKT despise and protest against the best known Tibetan Buddhist, the Dalai Lama, sending bus loads of fake monks and nuns to the protest rallies around the world. They have defamed dozens of other Tibetan teachers and citizens as well. Many NKT survivors are also banned inside NKT.

Why does Gyatso/NKT do this? They say it's because Atisha, Tsongkhapa, their lineage holders, the Dalai Lama and virtually all Tibetans and teachers of Tibetan Buddhism do not endorse Gyatso's/NKT's demon god Shugden.

The Gyatso/NKT war with Buddhism has been extensively reported. Simply google search 'NKT scandal' or 'NKT protest' for example. Look at the images and videos of the Gyatso/NKT war. You will see NKT leadership raising their fists and yelling into megaphones seething with hate. If you are unfortunate enough to see one, examine NKT's manifestos (The Tibetan Situation Today, A Great Deception,The False Dalai Lama). This is the disgusting portrait of Buddhism Gyatso/NKT markets and view they plant in their students, teachers and clergy.