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Computer Geeks Get It

October 24, 2015, this was posted on a web blog pertaining to Adroid devices.

"[Serious] Controversial Giant Buddhist Cults!!
Hi guys, since we are discussing about Christian cults thanks to the CHC saga, I guess its time for me to make an introduction on some of the giant organizations that are damaging the credibility of Buddhism, there are lots of them around but here’s (one of the the largest):

NKT New Kadampa Tradition (Global)
Known for their aggression towards other Buddhist sects and the worship of an evil spirit as Buddha. Appear to be omnipresent within the internet as its supporters are often found in any Buddhist forums spreading their propaganda and accusations. Its currently one of the largest religious movements in UK and other European nations. Like a typical large cult, its rich and powerful. Has its own publishing press and internet brigade that seeks to destroy all who have spoken against them."

Stick to Kelsang Gyatso's books, if you cannot find others. Skip the cult effort.