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Fundamental Absurdity

Kelsang Gyatso was born and raised along side the Dalai Lama (Kelsang Gyatso born 1931, Dalai Lama 1935).

The Dalai Lama was identified as such in 1937 and installed as the spiritual leader of Tibet in 1940. In 1950, he became Tibet's head of state as China invaded Tibet. This 14th Dalai Lama like all his predecessors are considered in Tibet as emanations of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

Both Kelsang Gyatso and the Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet in 1959 when China overthrew Tibet. They moved to India, which granted land for the Tibet Government in Exile, home for about 150,000 Tibetans.

For most of his life, Kelsang Gyatso recognized the Dalai Lama as the Dalai Lama. This changed dramatically in 1996, 5 years after he created NKT. Kelsang Gyatso became obsessed with trashing the Dalai Lama and protesting against the Dalai Lama around the world. 'Dalai Lama envy' perhaps.

In these 5 years, Kelsang Gyatso's ego exploded into a religious/political extremism that casts the Dalai Lama as a false Dalai Lama, a Nazi, Marxist, dictator, murderer, hypocrit, human rights abuser, traitor, evil, Muslim, cruel, pig, spiritual con man, one of biggest scams of the century, corrupt politician, CIA agent and a demon who has inflicted more harm than those who have killed millions of people, tortured millions of people and raped millions of women in modern times alone.

In 1996, Kelsang Gyatso decided that the Dalai Lama was NOT the emanation of Avalokiteshvara, contrary to Kelsang Gyatso's first 65 years and several million Tibetans since 1937. No Tibetan monastery leadership or monks agree with Kelsang Gyatso.

No one outside of NKT's sphere of influence agrees with Kelsang Gyatso.

Cult leader vs the most active and admired spiritual leader.

Kelsang Gyatso's monastery issued this statement in 1996,

"It is a measure of profound sorrow that a so called “Geshe” Kelsang Gyatso and his English supporters have embarked upon a ruthless smear campaign to tarnish the International stature of His Holiness The Dalai Lama in the name of alleged “religious persecution”. It is nothing short of blasphemy in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of the six million Tibetans.

Actions speak louder than words and we are under no illusion with whom your sympathies are despite your statements to the contrary. The Tibetans all over the world were deeply distressed by your attempt to portray the Dalai Lama as a “ruthless dictator” an “oppressor of his own people” and smash his International stature so that the Tibetan struggle will be like a rudderless ship tossing helplessly in the sea of international intrigues and treacery. From where did you borrow your vocabulary to malign the Dalai Lama? Are they not straight from the Chinese propaganda dictionary?

...Kelsang Gyatso who is today a pariah in the Tibetan community...

We have therefore stripped him of his membership from our Sera Jhe Dratsang since the holy scriptures have clearly prescribed to evict such apostates who will foul the Sanga community’s spiritual purity and serenity and will have a negative influence for the whole community. Owing to the above reasons contained in the holy Tantric treatises, the Sera Jhe Dratsang’s Abbot and ex-abbots, Reincarnations of holy Lamas, Geshes, and the House Masters of the fifteen different Houses unanimously decided to strip Kelsang Gyatso of his membership in the Sera Jhe Dratsang and his own House had earlier done the same.

In his apparent ecstasy, he even disowns being a Tibetan and works against the very people where he was born.

(referring to Gyatso)...Possessed by a terrible demon, without shame, embarrassment, or modesty, he doesn't have even the slightest care or concern for any of the commitments of the three vows [pratimoksha, bodhicitta, and tantric] which he undertook.

Therefore, all those connected with Sera Je College, lamas and tulkus, abbots, former executives, senior and junior geshes, together with the leaders of the individual khangtsen [regional houses], all together, in agreement, with one voice, hereby proclaim that on this day, August 22, 1996, Kelsang Gyatso, the one with broken commitments and wrong view, is cast out with the "ritual nine expulsions," and is thereby banished from this place, and the being a part of the rule of our College.

This means that we request all of our brothers and sisters, the Tibetan people inside and outside Tibet, to completely sever any relationship with him. Concerning the practice of worshiping divine protectors at this Monastery in particular, the protector who was directed by the previous great masters to advise, command, and look after our Monastery is the Dharma protector Dregpa Chamsing [Dregs Pa lCam Sring). Aside from this protector there has traditionally been no worship of Dolgyal [Dorje Shugden].

For the future, we publicly make the strongest request to everyone not to associate the good name of Sera Je Monastery with this holder of broken commitments and wrong view."

Kelsang Gyatso also abandoned his connections with Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism, calling them corrupt and in need of NKT's Shugdenism to repair.

In 1991, Kelsang Gyatso invented a new 'tradition', the New Kadampa Tradition, which bans all teachers and writings of the original Kadampa Lamas, Atisha and Tsongkhapa, and all subsequent Kadampa teachers, including his own uncle, Choyang Duldzin Kuten Lama, a Shugden oracle, who left his nephew's fundamentalism and returned to the Dalai Lama in 1996.