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Old Friends

Sadly, banned by NKT.

Spent time with The Life of Shabkar: The Autobiography of a Tibetan Yogin. There is a second 684-page volume yet to be translated into English.

705 pages of jewels.

Born in 1781, "Shabkar lived at a time in Tibetan history when many spriritual lineages were on the verge of extinction. Bitter religious sectarianism and tribal feuds divided monasteries and peoples. Transcending these differences, Shabkar exemplified religious tolerance, alturism and 'pure perception', the formost characteristics of a genuine Buddhist practioner...he expresses his faith in the inseparability of Guru Padmasambhava, Atisha, and Tsongkhapa, a triad of teachers who dominated Shabkar's life, practice, and teaching...his realization of the Great Perfection was firmly grounded in the impeccable precepts of the Kadampa masters...above all, the precious Bodhicitta - the intense resolve to bring all sentient beings to the perfect freedom of enlightment...Every sentient being is endowed with the essence of Buddhahood...Ignorance is nothing more than lack of awareness of this very Buddha-nature...The spiritual path is thus a rediscovery of this forgotten nature, just as one sees again the immutable brilliance of the sun once the clouds that were masking it have been blown away...(his previous incarnations) At the time of Buddha he was Avalokiteshvara, In the land of India he was Manjushrimatra, In the center of Tibet he bacame Trenpa Namkha, In the Kagyu tradition he was Milarepa, In the Kadampa lineage he was the Glorious Gyalse Thogme, In the Ganden lineage he was the Lord Lodro Gyaltsen, In the nonsectarian lineage he manifested to beings as Thangtong Gyalpe." (from the translator of the autobiography, Matthieu Ricard)

Please peruse this autobiography, in continuum with Tsongkhapa's great works (also banned by NKT). You will feel your true nature. Your questions will be answered.

Shabkar notes, "When practicing the Dharma you must give up all concern for the affairs of this life. Keep to the lowest position, wear worn-out clothing: give no importance to food, talk, or clothes. Be always a child in the mountains: wear mist as a robe, a rocky cave as a cap...What is the point of learning countless things? Better to learn a single one, compassion, The One Dharma that suffices for all. Therefore, practice compassion earnestly...Buddhahood is not gained by practicing for a few months or years; You must practice the whole length of your life: This is crucial."

No Shugdenism, no rationale for NKT's commercialism.

There is no spiritual evolution without compassion. Wealth, vitriol and protest rallies take you in the opposite direction - ego.

Thankful I am for the flowers.