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Most visitors to NKT and most readers of Gyatso books are unaware of the scheming, political battles, retributions, demon worship and fakery of NKT/Gyatso clergy and managers. They are unaware of NKT/Gyatso controversy and the abhorrence about NKT/Gyatso by several dozen Buddhist organizations. They do not realize that NKT/Gyatso stand alone, having separated themselves from true Buddhism. They are unaware of the hundreds of NKT/Gyatso followers harmed.

To them, NKT/Gyatso are nothing more that their advertisements and listening to fanciful 'teachings' sounding like Buddhism or helpful therapy or practical family/marriage/career counseling is not a critical mistake.

Most will not be abused, albeit cheated. Most will not be taken in by NKT/Gyatso dangerous psychotherapy and the peril of excessive ego development. Most will not become addicted.

If they too become abused, pressured to join NKT/Gyatso hate campaigns, conned out of life savings, sense they have unwittingly joined a cult, informed that their ego is out of control, lose touch with their livelihoods and life-long aspirations/connections, or suffer adverse physical or psychological/emotional effects, we pray they will leave sooner than later and they have comforting friends and family. And, be open to reaching out for professional healthcare assistance and to NKT/Gyatso survivors to diminish their NKT/Gyatso dependency or other adverse reactions. Most detrimental effects are reversible.