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The majority of Tibetans should be allotted the religious freedom to practice their religion as they wish and not be drowned out by sectarians or outside trouble makers.

Politically too, Tibetans should be allotted the freedom to live as they wish and not be drowned out by sectarians or outside trouble makers.

Tibetan leaders do not answer to NKT, though have occasionally urged NKT to follow a productive path (as we all should).

The deafening absurdity of NKT imposing itself into Tibetan religious and political affairs is obscene. NKT's mission against Tibetans, Tibetan Buddhism, NKT survivors, investigative journalists, Buddhist leaders and the Dalai Lama is needless and counterproductive.

NKT has no outpost in Tibet. Kelsang Gyatso severed his Tibetan roots decades ago. Even Kelsang Gyatso's uncle, a Shugden oracle, left NKT's headquarters in England to return to support the Dalai Lama when NKT began its political campaign against the Dalai Lama in the mid 1990s. Kelsang Gyatso holds no post in Tibetan Buddhism and NKT is quick to affirm that it is not a form of Tibetan Buddhism (even if NKT coopts a name for itself reminiscent of admired forms of Tibetan Buddhism, Kadampa and New Kadampa Buddhism introduced by Atisha and Tsongkhapa, respectively; in Tibetan Buddhism, there is no such thing as a 'New Kadampa Tradition', aka NKT, a Western invention and multi-level-marketing-like business).

As someone wrote recently responding to a leading NKTite blaming others for disparaging and abandoning Dharma,

"By funding protests around the world using charitable donations, and then lie about it by saying it is not him but the Western Shugden Society even though he directed his faithful Pema to organize these protests, by negating Buddha’s teachings in the way he conducts his brand of Buddhism, by his exclusion of classic Buddhist texts from his enterprise, and by his painting Buddhism so negatively for the world press and its audience….it is Kelsang Gyatso who is disparaging and abandoning the holy Dharma.

All anyone has to do to experience this tragedy is attempt to discuss these matters with any ‘leader’ in NKT and read NKT’s political web sites and blog posts.

Sure, much of what is in Kelsang Gyatso’s selections of Buddhism in his proprietary books is appealing. But, why do NKTites find it so difficult to exemplify what little from Buddhism Kelsang Gyatso (ie, his ghost writers) chooses to write about?

Yea, yea…we know. Lineageholder and other NKTites will say protesting, yelling, raising arms, disrupting, painting negative images of Buddhism, threatening litigation, ridiculing its ‘ordained’ and members who leave NKT, and mounting its monumental PR attack machine are all compassionate acts inspired by their private Buddha, Kelsang Gyatso (whose failing to protect many inside NKT from almost thematic abuse is somehow reinvented as some sort of profound teaching).

NKT, if nothing else, please adhere at least to the selections of Buddhism that are represented in ‘Kelsang Gyatso’s’ books. This would be so very helpful to help make the world a better place for all of us to access our inevitable Bodhisattva potential."

This observer correctly allots NKT its freedoms. However, particularly in view of NKT's claim that it adheres to (a small fraction) of Tsongkhapa's teachings, NKT should permit others, particularly Tibetans who are faced with strict rule by China, to thrive as they wish. The Shugdenities in Tibet, India and elsewhere (mostly represented by NKT centers) have their temples, they need not grasp hegemony to achieve fulfillment.

Consider this march to arms released September 2, 2009 from the 'Shugden Society USA', enamored by "The idols of the Dorjee Shugden deity", against Tibetan leaders (almost all Shugdenites in the US are NKTites, who not only have religious freedom but also are government subsidized, for example by transferring their property tax burden to others),

"From this date onwards, we will implement the following campaign measures until our democratic rights to practice our religious rights are established:

· Being proactive by using various media to create the awareness of our plight.

· Organise and gather petition and submit to various concerned authorities and organisations.

· Organise systematic demonstrations."

NKT, isn't your empire and ego gratification quest through dominance about run its irrelevant course?

(many sources outline the NKT saga, including a Tricycle blog entitled, Dorje Shugden, Deity or Demon)

(During July 2009, NKT/Shugdenites were bragging that their Shugdenism had attained a revival in the West, that the alleged persecution against Shugdenites had stopped, the Dalai Lama's government had backtracked on its recommendations against practicing Shugdenism, that their lawsuit against the Dalai Lama was being taken seriously, and that Dorje Shugden practitioners now have their own qualified temples and monasteries, free from political interference. Well then, why do you claim September 2009 that your plight requires you to renew your protests?)