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NKT Forever?

Teaching us about Tsongkhapa in 1972, the Dalai Lama noted as any legitimate Buddhist teacher would...

"Through the afflictions of desire, hatred and ignorance, contaminated karma (actions) are performed, which establish potencies in the mind in the form of predispositions. When a lifetime finishes, a person who has such predispositions is born again in cyclic existence with a mind and body appropriated through these contaminated causes...attitudes of long familiarity usually take precedence and direct the rebirth." (1)

In view of decades of desiring and marketing hatred and ignorance, Kelsang Gyatso, his fake clergy and their assault on and retributions against Buddhism, vulnerable followers, sexual assault victims and NKT Survivors may be here forever.

(1) from Death, Intermediate State and Rebirth. Jeffrey Hopkins, 1979. One of thousands of books about Buddhism hatefully and ignorantly banned by Kelsang Gyatso.