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NKT Follower comments July 11, 2021

Dear NKT world!

Hi I am inside the NKT and I find your blog is too much focused on the Shugden issue. The problem is principally between Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and other human beings.

I hope you will explore this with me on my blog where from inside the NKT I try to figure out what the root of this problem is. It is not Shugden. It is a problem with the mind. It is that thing that always destroy religion or pollutes it. I want to identify my enemy clearly.

Your blog is always saying its Shugden but these problems existed before Shugden, before the Gelugpa, before Buddha Shakyamuni.

With all your knowledge I research I think you should stop calling it Shugden and find its true name and share your understanding with the world whilst we have mass communication.

My blog is here. https://everybodywelcome261525321.wordpress.com/blog/

I'm not knowledgeable, pristine or immensely intelligent so it may be a bit clunky and amateur. But I hope instead of ripping it apart you see the genuine wish for answers and willingness to question rather than accept blindly. I hope you see that I want a conversation based on mutual respect that is calm and is free of the Shugden word which I think always diverts the discussion away from the problems between human beings.

I think it is too easy to blame a statue or supernatural being instead of saying human beings alive today are causing this.

Thank you for your time


Editors Note
Thank you for your polite comments, the only polite comments ever received here from NKT and its members. We applaud your pursuit of cause and effect.

Only a small proportion of the 400+ essays in this web site focus on Shugden. However, NKT uses Shugden mythology to assault Buddhism and Tibet, minimize the true Kadampa Buddhism of Atisha and Tsongkhapa, and sponsor ugly protest rallies around the world and thousands of Internet posts and threats. (Why are hundreds of books about Kadampa Buddhism, including the prolific works of Atisha and Tsongkhapa, banned inside NKT?) And, Kelsang Gyatso made Shugden his supreme deity, with countless deities of Buddhism, none of whom endorse the Shugden demon, are subjugated or scorned by Kelsang Gyatso in favor of Shugden (eg, the founders of Kadampa Buddhism never heard of Shugden, a political invention created long after they lived).

Certainly, this web site is not about Shugden. Rather it is about Kelsang Gyatso's assault on Buddhism and his commercialized ego-development 'tradition', directly contradicting the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni. Shugden is simply a symptom of underlying diseas.

We agree with your conclusion that NKT's problem "is principally between...Kelsang Gyatso and other human beings." These include NKT survivors and Tibetan Buddhist teachers, Lamas, authors, traditions, monasteries and the billions of people and hundreds of Buddhist organizations recognizing the Dalai Lama, all of which/whom Gyatso claims are corrupt and needing to be defamed and destroyed. And they include anyone watching Kelsang Gyatso's vile protests, attacks, threats and controversies, undoubtedly turning millions away from the fruits and wonders of Buddhism and thousands of teachers of genuine Buddism honored for 2,500 years.

Indeed, Kelsang Gyatso's problems are far greater than Shugden. Many essays here, numerous published treatises and Kelsang Gyatso's training monastery review some of them (including sexual abuse by NKT teachers).

We urge you not to have enemies.

We hope you will help answer the question, where is Kelsang Gyatso.


We note your comments about NKT teachers and management in your blog.

"Instead of seeing you as loyal and carrying on through thick and thin you are rebranded as the fruits of laziness and a bad example...There comes a point where there has been so much coldness, so many hateful wild looks towards you because THEY are paranoid about what you MIGHT do, that you can no longer maintain your composure. At this moment you do one single small thing like ask for help or go up to someone and you say they are not being very kind or warm. This is when you become branded disloyal and as someone who is leaving, losing faith and the sooner and cleaner you leave the better it will be for all of us...This appearance of demons or hateful beings when you do something deemed disloyal or incompetent is the root of why Shugden has been rejected...Perhaps these peoples practices aren’t working because they are in an environment /community so bereft of love that they cannot become familiar with love or learn about it from the people around them...You get more love and kindness down at the local shopping center than you do living in our communities...THE RESIDENT TEACHER IS ONLY PASSING ON WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED. They have not experienced being authentically loved and valued by their peers and managers."