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According to NKT,

"As individuals and as an organization, with the help of the Internal Rules, we are trying honestly to learn from our mistakes, and it seems that we are having some success. For example, as a former detractor said recently:

Actually in practice a lot has happened. People have been reading what we wrote. So now those of us who left a few years ago are in danger of criticising an organization that essentially no longer exists. The people we talk about are no longer around, and they no longer influence people. Some of their students are around, but they are being actively encouraged to change. … The teachers who left showed, in quite dramatic ways, that their Dharma strategy didn’t work, and not many people are likely to follow a failed strategy. There are many very intelligent people in the NKT who were well aware of those failures, able to analyse and come to conclusions, and able to influence the psychological environment of the organisation. Issues have been recognised, acknowledged, and changes have/are been made. I’m optimistic, because we haven’t been ignored.”"

A couple NKTite responses to the above NKT commentary,

"This is exactly what we need – the willingness to at least do our best to meet people half way."

"Here here! Thank you very much and please keep it up."

Maybe NKT is trying to fix itself. More evidence that this is needed. However, departure from NKT of many bad players and retirement of Kelsang Gyatso are positive steps in a better direction.

In view of its new book, A Great Deception, and its ongoing ridicule of those who were hurt by NKT enough to leave NKT, however, NKT has a long way to go.

Nevertheless, good steps toward a less arogant 'faith' should be encouraged.