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They say everyone else in the world is a liar.

They claimed, July 9, 2012, "wonderful news", that an anti Shugden web site apologized.

They posted the owner's name and address for the (old) web site, while noting that this web site expired April 26, 2009 and that the last time it was modified was November 13, 2008.

They boasted that the current (previously anti Shugden) web site, apologized for being anti Shugden. They claimed that the purported apology came from the Tibet Government in Exile, which, it is boasted, has entirely changed its position against Shugden (although no actual Tibetan government web site or any associated with the Dalai Lama make this claim). The new web site went on to boast the virtues of the Shugden demon. Contrary to the original web site with owners listed, the new web site's ownership is private.

Clearly, they took over the web site and replaced its content with a fake story (about a fake Buddha). They 'updated' the web site April 24, 2013 and paid for it through April 26, 2015.

For Shugdenites, fakery is a religion.

For those new to NKT, this is the fake lineage you are getting involved with. It will eventually disgust or bite you.

This is not Buddhism, it is fake.

NKT goes through the motions of Buddhism to draw you into something very difficult to get out of. NKT's feel good books and meditations may draw you into its cult dedicated to a demon god and destruction of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism, pulling your money into its dubious enterprise.


Editors Note:
To Shugdenites, lies are the truth.

From the Washington Times August 13, 2013 regarding a web site of the Dalai Lama...

"The Dalai Lama’s website has been hacked and infected with viruses, including with spyware that could be used to track visitors, a computer security company warned.

This is not the first time the website of Tibet’s spiritual leader has been compromised. The CTA website has been under constant attack since 2011."