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Fake Food

Driving home last night inclined toward convenience, I went through the drive-through at McDonald's. A cheeseburger, fries and hot-fudge sundae cost me $4.48. Tasty, and what a deal.

Then I began wondering what I was eating, realizing little could be identified as real food. A friend of mine with hypertension will not eat there because of the high salt content and so-called meat made from 'pink slime'. Lots of sugar too. Maybe the fries started as potatoes, then infused with salt and grease, but otherwise nothing was recognizable.

Waiting at the next red light, I realized this was like NKT. Except NKT, while convenient, cost a lot more. Fake clergy, fake Buddhism, sugary, and lots of wrappings (Gyatso books, posters, cards, CDs, statues, web sites, festivals, courses, etc).

Then a wish. That an excerpt of a book I am reading was handed to everyone entering NKT.

From 'The Gelug/Kagyu Tradition of Mahamudra'. Snow Lion; USA ed. edition (January 1, 1997)

"The most beneficial relationship with a guru, then, certainly does not revolve around a personality cult. When we regard our teacher as a cult icon, we are caught up in and fixated upon the contents of our experience. We overinflate and solidify the object of our experience, in this case a guru, and almost literally set him or her up on a pedestal, like a solid gold statue, whenever we see or imagine this person on a teaching throne. With this state of mind, we abnegate ourselves and worship the contents of our experience, adding title after title to his or her name. We are neither aware of or focused of mind itself and its relation to our experience of our spiritual mentor. With such a confused and naïve attitude, we open ourselves to serious abuse."

No wonder NKT bans all Buddhism books and teachers and deploys a fake guru and fake clergy. No wonder 'guru' Gyatso abandoned Tibetan Buddhism and created his own distorted tradition. No wonder so many are abused inside NKT, sexually, financially and emotionally.

Convenience food does not equal real food.