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Rejoicing NKT supporters see fake billboards as actual emanations of Shugden, Photoshop his vehicle. They even call them 'visualizations', demeaning once again true spirituality.


They want Shugden to go global....through fake billboards, the one directly above claiming that Shugden was established in 2007 and is 'an uncommon protector who cannot be silenced'....nevertheless, NKT rants and raves about its core belief that Shugden is being snuffed out by degenerates and needs NKT to survive. An impotent protector indeed, unable to speak for himself even though over a year ago Shugdenites proclaimed that he reincarnated decades ago and even before NKT formed to worship his dead spirit.

NKT sent around the following rendering of its Grim Reaper Shugden for its Halloween "impermanence party." Experience impermanence with Shugden's skythe in another Jonestown Massacre?


NKT's art department has recently made available for sale a thongka and a portrait of Kelsang Gyatso.



Trick or treat! And beware of the goblins.

Friends and families...please protect those involved with NKT.


Editors Note:
NKT's Shugden is indeed a ghoulish myth.

A while back, an essayist noted the importance of Smokey the Bear to NKT supporters. Recently, an NKT supporter discussed how Shugden is better than Santa Clause, who also, according to this NKT supporter, has moral goodness....because Shugden is the ultimate goodness, love, wisdom and protection...Kelsang Gyatso 'his' savior.

At NKT, fake is better than real.

Sooner or later, NKT supporters will grow up and graduate from their make believe.