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Master Fabricator

Kelsang Gyatso is one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs.

Starting with little, Kelsang Gyatso invented the successful business NKT in 1991. Since, it has grown to 1,200 centers around the world, including some properties worth millions of dollars/pounds.

Kelsang Gyatso also invented:

- A new religion, expropriating a selection of Tibetan Buddhism while claiming a lineage from Tibetan Buddhism, though chastising Tibetan Buddhism as corrupt and in need of purification

- A new ordination process, a small fraction of that used in traditional Buddhist traditions and as taught by Buddha Shakyamuni, including copies of Tibetan monastic wardrobes

- A new Shugdenism based on a minor Tibetan sect but customized for a western audience

- A robust Internet presence along the lines of other political ventures with active social media involvement

- A notorious and savvy worldwide protest rally and public relations enterprise

- A worldwide political campaign against the Dalai Lama

- Government subsidies support

- Large music, book, art, vacation, rental and salvation product line

- A phenomenal fund raising schema

In so doing, Kelsang Gyatso has sadly tarnished his Tibetan roots and his training in Tibetan Buddhism.

Far more sadly, hundreds of clergy and followers (NKT claims hundreds of thousands) have been duped.