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Gyatso: another Exposé

Released February 11, 2020, an exploration of Gyatso's cult and retribution as well as NKT finances and sexual abuse.

The New Kadampa Tradition, an hour and a half interview with Dr. Michelle Hasam by Sarah Steele, creator of Let's Talk About Sects

ABOUT THIS EPISODE. In 1996, journalist Madeleine Bunting wrote for The Guardian UK, quote: “Most of the 130,000 Buddhists in this country are in the caring professions, or are academics, or are part of an ex-hippy culture; they are trusting, idealistic and naive. They thought Buddhism was immune to the fanaticism and hypocrisy which riddles all religions. The controversy surrounding the [New Kadampa Tradition] is shattering illusions that Buddhism was the one fail-safe religion.” Twenty years later, clinical psychologist Dr Michelle Haslam joined the NKT under that very same illusion.

Links to dozens of published references are included.

Let's Talk About Sects is an award-winning, 100% independent monthly podcast focusing on a different cult each episode. Host Sarah Steel takes a storytelling, deep dive approach, looking at the history of a sect's leaders, the recruitment of members, their experiences, psychological aspects, and notable incidents during its existence. One of Apple Podcasts Australia's Best Listens of 2019.

“A fascinating and well-researched look into cults and the charismatic leaders behind them.” Peter Wells, The Sydney Morning Herald, May 2019

“What I really love is how carefully Steel treats the subject matter, victims and listeners. The show is incredibly mindful when it comes to being balanced.” Tegan Jones, Gizmodo, December 2019

“A fantastic examination of sects, cults, and religion… a fact-based program that’ll hook you in and keep you coming back for more.” Zach Johnston, Uproxx, February 2019

“Cleverly named, meticulously researched.” Elena Nicolaou, Refinery29, December 2018

“The best podcast of its kind – I can’t wait for another episode!” Apple Podcasts review from a US listener

"I study cults and sects and for this reason listen to many podcasts on these subjects. This one is by far the best.” Apple Podcasts review from a US listener

"Best podcast about cults I’ve found.” Apple Podcasts review from an Australian listener