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"A seeker who is looking for a spiritual master to idealise and follow, may find a teacher who idealises themself as a spiritual master and is looking for seekers who will follow them. It’s a marriage made in heaven. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship. My sinfulness can be washed away by your spiritual light. You can be sustained in your view of yourself by my wishing to be your devoted follower.

It’s up to us how much power we give to the guru."

(Richard Silvester, The Book of No One)

Having burnt his bridge with Tibetan Buddhism, Kelsang Gyatso would have nothing without his western converts to Shugden. Unless his congregation brings in more followers than leave, he and NKT, as well as their demons, will shrivel into a footnote. This may be difficult, however, because most leave NKT when their sensibilities are shattered by NKT dogma, politics, abuse, misconduct or battles against Buddhists.