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NKT despises the Dalai Lama, orchestrating protests and web sites against him.

Their complaint....

"the Dalai Lama has made it impossible for Shugdenpas to be his students"

At the same time, NKT claims that Kelsang Gyatso is the only teacher it has and needs. NKT teaches its followers to study no other Buddhist texts other than the westernized books written by Kelsang Gyatso for a non-Buddhist audience. NKT teaches that Tibetan Buddhism is corrupt and degenerate.

Thus, even if the Dalai Lama endorsed NKT's god, NKTites would continue to not be students of the Dalai Lama, a participant in what NKT teaches is corrupt and degenerate - Tibetan Buddhism.

Obviously, NKT's complaint against the Dalai Lama is meaningless.