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Although claiming its most recent book to have a spiritual intent, NKT's 'A Great Deception' presents a disfigured view of Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism and history of the Dalai Lamas.

According to NKT about its aims to liberate millions and re-establish Shugdenism,

"Achieving these aims depends solely on whether the present Dalai Lama will accept the four points set out at the conclusion of Chapter 4 of this book."

Thus, NKT's purported theological masterpiece has an audience of one, the Dalai Lama (now 75 years old, living in exile from his homeland Tibet since 1959, presiding over Tibetan Government in Exile inside India with approximately 100,000 displaced Tibetans).

NKT places all responsibility for its 'aims' on the Dalai Lama.

NKT's duty? To trash Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism and Dalai Lamas until the current Dalai Lama complies with NKT's demands.

NKT's hate of the Tibetan line of Dalai Lamas originates with the fifth Dalai Lama (1617-1682, typically referred to as the Great Fifth because of the tremendous impact he had to benefit Tibet). (NKT was created in 1991; its battle with the current Dalai Lama began in 1996 and expanded to long passed Dalai Lamas over the last couple of years).

According to NKT, the fifth Dalai Lama created NKT's problem by killing his rival and who would later after death become known as Shugden.

(note: Shugden lore did not exist before the alleged killing; thus NKT holds the fifth Dalai Lama responsible for creating its main deity, Shugden, and hate him for doing so) (note2: there is no record in fact that the fifth Dalai Lama killed anyone, it is a fantasy of NKT just as NKT Shugdenism)

NKT also blames the fifth Dalai Lama for being selected when he was 18 years old by Mongol ruler Gushri Khan to be religious and political ruler of Tibet (with title, Religious-King and Holder of the Buddhist Faith in Tibet), the status of the Dalai Lamas until China overthrew Tibet during the 1950s and the current Dalai Lama escaped to India. (NKT also claims the current Dalai Lama, the 14th, was wrongly selected as well)

According to NKT, unlike the Dalai Lamas, China gives basic equal rights to everyone. (however, there are billions of exceptions, eg the second born girl in a family, often murdered by the state because state policy allows only one female child per family)

According to NKT, representatives of the Dalai Lama have organized vigilante groups around the world to defame, threaten and kill Shugden followers.

According to NKT, the Dalai Lama's representatives have all broken international law and are abusing basic human rights. "They are criminals wearing spiritual masks."

About the Dalai Lama, NKT writes, "There is no greater liar or a person more powerfully deceptive than this in the world today." NKT's considers the Dalai Lama a dictator, stooge for the CIA, nazi, fake Dalai Lama and falsified recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

NKT's book claims that the Dalai Lama distributed throughout India and Nepal during February 1998 posters listing with photographs the 'Ten Most Hated Enemies of the Dalai Lama and Tibet', encouraging "people to kill these ten innocent Dorje Shugden practitioners." NKT also claims that NKT's founder, Kelsang Gyatso, was #1 on the list.

NKT promises,

"if in the future any of these ten people is killed then the Western Shugden Society will automatically recognize the principal perpetrator as the Dalai Lama himself and will pursue necessary investigative and legal action to ensure his eventual conviction under criminal law."

(the Western Shugden Society is NKT's method to bypass restrictions against political activities in England by charities; as of February 2010, none on the alleged death list has been killed)

NKT's book features pictures of Kelsang Gyatso's heir and now leader of NKT and the NKT 'nun' that Kelsang Gyatso appointed to plan protest rallies against the Dalai Lama around the world.

NKT's book is a venomous disfigurement that few will consider beneficial or spiritual. This book is what spirituality means to NKT. NKT abhors Tibetans' right to practice religion as they wish. NKT abhors the Dalai Lama and his dedication to helping others. Hate and politics is NKT's religion.

Save your money. Purchase a real book about real spirituality instead.


Editors Note:
Noted many times throughout this web site, we are not affiliated with the Dalai Lama, we are not his representatives. We support compassion and we support Buddhism.

As we noted on the home page when this web site began,

"This web site is a heart-felt plea that Gyatso, his NKT cult and his spiteful devotees relinquish their offensive public ego display and their abuse of esteemed Tibetan teachers of Buddhism and others. Show the world compassion, not militancy."