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Who Believes It?

Many inside and outside NKT have been asking since 2013 when he was last seen. No pictures or videos provably since 2013 even though there are thousands on the Internet taken prior to 2013.

Where is Kelsang Gyatso? NKT's fake Buddha cannot be found. He has not been seen at NKT signature festivals showcasing Gyatso for years. Many inside and outside NKT believe he is incapacitated or dead.

In response, NKT claims that he is alive, proven they say by the last book he purportedly published: first edition in 2018 and second edition in 2019 "with additions".

The book, 'The Mirror of Dharma', is a copy-and-paste collection of paragraphs of Gyatso's previous books. Choppy. Starts in the middle of a story and piles in all the previous book highlights it can. Definitely not useful to a beginner. The most recent 'essay' in the book claimed to have been written by Gyatso is dated 2015.

NKT has even more proof, it says, a web page showing Gyatso with Dekyong and Khyenrab late 2018 during Gyatso's official 'trasmission' to them...with his oral instructions to them added to the 2018 edition to create the 2019 edition, effectively continuing NKT's claim that Gyatso is still alive.

There is a FAR MORE SERIOUS matter – a widely disseminated quote of Gyatso – NOT to be believed. Nor should it ever be taught, especially to vulnerable receivers. For everyone, the subject of 'emptiness' should be taught carefully BECAUSE the way Gyatso teaches this profound view can be dangerous if the listener comes to think or believe that they are delusional or meaningless.

On page 7 Gyatso 'writes', "Another main function of the mind is to impute things. Without a name things cannot exist. Names are imputed by mind through thinking. 'This is this'. So things exist only because mind imputes them. Through this we can understand that everything including the world is created by mind."

It should be a crime to say such a thing. It is false and potentially dangerous.

A bullet coming at you is real. The car about to crash into you is real. Your children are real. That knife about to chop off your finger is real. The abuse you suffer from your spouse, a killer or your teacher is real. Your responsibilities are real. The mind did not create these things. Otherwise you could just pretend they don't exist and blissfully think that the bullet, car, your children, knife, the abuse or our responsibilites are simply mirages. Such pretenses would be catastrophic.

There may be more than the appearance of everything in the world, eg our seeing a car about run us over probably overlooks its engine, tires etc. But that car is really coming, and you are really about to be possibly killed, and if so your body will be dead.

Almost certainly, taking Gyatso seriously has gotten many NKT followers into trouble, particularly the hundreds known as 'NKT survivors'.

True, our mind imputes many things, ie the mind often creates mistakes or what Gyatso calls impure.

We already know this. We often realize a more accurate picture or understanding after our initial perception or thought. And if studied in more depth we enhance our accuracy.

And, true, more advanced and correct mediation vehicles can enhance our accuracy even more.

But, trying to convince us that we are always mistaken about everything is wrong, morally and epistemologically, and most definitely is not what Buddha taught or any legitimate teacher of Buddhism would teach.


Editors Note
We have all of Gyatso's books and many of his other writings. We studied a few of them inside NKT. We studied the rest as part of our study of 300+ books about Buddhism in our library.

Be cautious if anyone tells you what you experienced does not exist or did not happen.

For exploration of the profoundness of 'emptiness' we pray you find a proper teacher because if you do it will be worth it. Don't rush it. Don't believe those who sell quick realization at expensive festivals and luxury mountain retreats. You are being scammed.

We all must remember that it took Tsongkhapa 30+ years of incredibly intense learning, initiations, practice and meditation to figure it out. A visit to NKT is most unlikely to help.