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Kelsang Gyatso remains silent about the biggest news about Shugden in NKT's life time - Shugden reincarnated into human form.

Kelsang Gyatso has nothing to say about the Shugdenite headline, "THE RETURN OF THE KING," from the organization considered by Shugdenites to be the most credible source of Shugden information (the organization has strongly supported NKT for its lead role in Shugden public relations).

Kelsang Gyatso created his 'religion' around Shugden, worship him, protest to protect him and ridicule those who question NKT's obsession with Shugden. Not the reincarnated Shugden but the memory of Shugden, who died about 400 years ago. According to Shugdenites, and NKT, he was murdered by the 5th Dalai Lama.

Kelsang Gyatso's denial is odd, because Kelsang Gyatso via NKT is the most aggressive advocate of Shugdenism in the world.

Perhaps, Kelsang Gyatso prefers his cartoonish memory of Shugden rather than the living Shugden.

Some Shugdenites, who normally accept everything Kelsang Gyatso says as perfect, think that Kelsang Gyatso dismisses Shugden's reincarnation because Kelsang Gyatso does not endorse reincarnation or even oracles, even though Kelsang Gyatso's uncle was a prominent Shugden oracle that communed with Shugden under Kelsang Gyatso's invitation for his uncle to teach inside NKT during the mid 1990s before NKT began its campaign against the current Dalai Lama for his views of Shugden adverse to NKT's interest (after which Kelsang Gyatso's uncle returned to India to support the Dalai Lama).

Comments from Shugdenites about Kelsang Gyatso vis a vis Shugden's reincarnation and Shugden's oracles include,

"Geshe-la did give special treatment to his oracle uncle. Geshe-la invited his uncle the oracle several times to UK. In fact his oracle uncle took trance of Dulzin for over three hours and GAVE INITIATION OF AVALOKITESVARA to the students there one one occasion. That is how much the power of the oracle was revered before in NKT. Many trances were taken and Geshe-la privately consulted Dorje Shugden on many issues re himself, his deceased mother, the organization on the whole. So there is nothing weird about the whole oracle practice. Some of the greats like Pabongka, Trijang and Zong Rinpoches consulted oracles their whole lives and taught lojong/realized lojong also in their mindstreams.

It was a rare occasion, when Dulzin took trance and gave initiation in Geshe-la's centre. The Oracle Uncle was very respected, was given a seat of honour in the pujas there, many students came to receive his blessings when he was not in trance also. This all stopped when Geshe-la and his uncle has a huge fall out and NEVER SPOKE AGAIN UNTIL THE ORACLE'S DEATH A FEW YEARS BACK. So Geshe-la had a personal fall out with his Oracle Uncle and it all came to an end. Yes policies change and Geshe-la changes his mind. But it also means he can make mistakes (sorry). Geshe-la's policies are GOOD FOR NKT AND THEIR MEMBERS, but his policies should not be seen as overview rule of thumb for all Tibetan Traditions around the world and their centres for example tulkus and oracles. NKT doesn't 'accept' does not mean it is weird, wrong, or not applicable in thousands of other places. I have had EXCELLET EXPERIENCES WITH ORACLES AND TULKUS IN MY LIFETIME AS SCORES OF MY FRIENDS also. And we love lojong, lam rim, and it's practices as these are our main practices always.

Geshe-la very much agreed with oracles and their usage, until his personal fallout with his uncle. That is a fact. Then his policies with oracles in NKT changed. But we don't have to change our 'policies' regarding them and no one should berate us for it also. No one has the right.

Geshe-la / NKT received huge negative media and backlash because of the '1st wave' of protests organized by Geshe-la against the Dalai Lama. Some of his key supporters felt the backlash, spoke up and some left. Geshe-la realized it was a mistake to protest so openly saying it is from him. He made a mistake. His policies changed. Next time around, it was the WSS with him supporting them from behind and 'not' NKT that organized the huge wave of protests. Don't get me wrong, I feel Geshe-la is courageous. I prayed for him and his long life. I still do. My point is policies he makes can be changed according to student's aptitude, place, time and also mistakes. THAT IS OK. But just because NKT's policies do not give a 'special bus seat' to oracles and tulkus does not mean their policies are correct for everyone. Or these institutions should be 'disparaged', 'ridiculed' or spoken against in the thousands of other places they have positive effects and benefits. Also for hundreds of years in some cases. Geshe-la can make mistakes, but it does not mean he is not a authentic practitioner of sutra/tantra and very qualified to teach. He is very qualified. But his personal disagreemants with oracles does not set the plateau for everyone. Nor should his students comment negatively to non-NKT students who accept oracles and tulkus.

The backlash against Geshe-la/NKT was huge, but the protests brought attention to our cause onto the world stage. It gave a voice to where none would be heard. How compassionate of Geshe-la and courageous. How devoted and strong of his students that participated. I respect them very much on the whole as well as many dorje shugden lamas, centres and students around the world. With folded hands to Geshe-la and NKT deeply.

When Geshe-la passes away (very sorry to mention this), what happens to his incarnation? If recognized? Not recognized is fine also. But Geshe-la recognized his own mother's incarnation and makes sure she grows up to practice dharma again. No special seats, but why recognize her at all then. Just recognizing her is saying alot already."


"Geshe-la himself invited his uncle the Oracle to UK. What's the difference, if it doesn't have Geshe-la's approval do you think they would just invite such a person to headquarters in UK? Definitely not. Geshe-la is well known to remove people who are not in sync with him. He has his reasons I am sure. Anyway 100 percent confirmed it was Geshe-la who extended the invitation to his uncle he had not seen for many years. Also to consult Dorje Shugden on some important matters at that time through his uncle. Do you think Geshe-la would have allowed Oracle to take trance and give initiation of Avalokitesvara in his own headquarters??? Everyone knows Geshe-la allows no teachers of any other centre, monastery or what not to teach in his centres around the world let alone an initiation. Only NKT teach NKT members. Everything had Geshe-la's full approval."


"Geshe-la has reached so many AND I SINCERELY REJOICE with his immaculate dharma. Let's see what happens after he passes though and I am afraid for that. Whether we agree with the Dalai Lama or not, he has reached vast numbers of people that Geshe Kelsang could never even hold a candle to and the Dalai Lama didn't drop the 'cultural stuff'. So there is a huge market for something different than what our Western culture blandly offers at times."


"I believe Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has his own reasons for not endorsing the tulku or oracle system. We have to look at the environment he is operating in. All Geshe-la's students are non-Tibetans and most of them Westeners who do not have a clue or have any experience of how a tulku or an oracle system works. However, that doesn't mean he does not believe in it or think that these systems are nonsensical. Geshe-la is from Sera Je monastery. He entered Sera-Je at the age of 8 as a novice monk and grew up in a monastic environment that practices these systems. Futhermore, with Gesha-la stainless Guru Devotion, I don't think it would ever cross his mind to think that what his guru Trijang Rinpoche practiced was wrong.

Therefore, I think Geshe-la does not endorse these systems in the context of the western world within which his organization operates probably because there is really no support for such a system to function effectively. Geshe-la may be qualified to recognize an incarnation but does he have a support system to follow-up on training the recognized incarnation if he has found one. He may be qualified to know how to maintain an oracle system but would his students be able sustain it when he passes on. Furthermore, Gesha has been ex-communicated from Sera Je and ostracized by Tibetan monasteries for practicing Dorje Shugden. His access to monastery resources on these aspects has been cut completely. He knows for a fact that if it is going to be him alone managing these systems without any support internally and externally, it's not going to work.

As such, he does not support the tulku or the oracle system because he does not want to encourage it in his organization. He does not want such systems to be subject to abuse for worldly reasons in the future especially when he is no longer around. This is Gesha-la's skilful means to protect the purity of these systems, I feel. It does not mean that these systems practiced by the great lamas in the past are not valid. It has to suit the time, place and environment."

Criticism of Kelsang Gyatso will likely increase from Shugdenites that he used to inspire the longer he remains silent, or especially if he declares that they are perpetrating a hoax.

Given the great magnitude of the importance of what is promoted as definitive confirmation of Shugden's reincarnation, the longer Kelsang Gyatso and his NKT organizaiton remain silent, the more Shugdenite respect he will lose.

Should Kelsang Gyatso proclaim that Shugden's reincarnation is a hoax, as some already do claiming the story is nothing more than a political ploy of China to erode Tibet further, the western Shugdenites that he largely created will rebel.

On the other hand, should Kelsang Gyatso embrace Shugden's reincarnation, NKT's worship of a dead Shugden the past 20 years (all the while Shugden has been alive) will be proven futile. Thusly, NKT will lose its foundation, although NKT has the vast wealth of his Shugden centers to rely upon.

Undoubtedly, NKT is struggling for a solution to its quagmire and a continuation of the Shugden story that benefits its corporate interests best.

Maybe, Shugden will save NKT by taking over NKT, replacing a scandalous string of heirs appointed by Kelsang Gyatso.