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Announced a few months ago, Shugden reincarnated decades ago though remains in seclusion.

Recently, a Shugden blog reported "The King arrived 20 minutes ago!"

Shugden is not coming out of hiding just yet though. The arrival referred to a 3 feet high statue of Shugden. Cost? Hundreds or dollars or Euros, or more?


Shugdenites were impressed...

"Offerings have been made to welcome Him"

"I like the imprints it creates in my mind."

"I love it! I've never seen a statue with the eyes on the body - where Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen was stabbed by his opponents."

"Wow a 3' Dorje shugdan!!!! It's so beautiful and it's so alive!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!"

"I love the way it makes me feel when I see the photo. It's odd though, I frown looking at it. I can imagine him moving like he's really there, and not being just a stationary statue."

"Yes, when the Fifth Dalai Lama's attendants (without his knowledge) went to murder Tulku Drakpa Gyaltsen, they first tried to do it by poisoning him. However, due to his attainments, he was able to dispel the poison from his body. So they tried to stab him but eyes appeared where they attempted to stab him. Finally, out of his compassion (and in keeping his promise to Nechung to become a Protector!), he told them how to kill him - to stuff a khata down his throat and strangle him. It was during the final moments of his death that some anger arose in him, thus allowing him to become a Protector."

"It is indeed wonderful to see the amount of devotion you have for our enlightened Dorje Shugden who arose in a ferocious wrathful manner with the strength of 10 million Dharma protectors. Thank you for sharing your intimate private images/shrines with all of us."

"It is really neat to have such a huge statue and what an amazing cause for Dorje Shugden's lineage to prevail."

"I love the antique finish and the human resemblance of the statue. It is dissipating a mystical energy."

Some want the statue to painted in NKT style to be more human.

Such idolotry, dramatized in view of Shugden's exisiting incarnation (in hiding).

From another NKT supporter, "There is no legitimate reason to leave, former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil."

No legitimate reason to leave NKT! Ask those sexually, emotionally, psychologically and financially abused by NKT.

The reasons provided are disturbing. Quoting the Indian poet Ashvagosha...

"Having become the disciple of such a protecting (Guru), should you then despise him from your heart, you will reap continual suffering as if you had disparaged all the Buddhas.

If you are so foolish as to despise your Guru, you will contract contagious diseases and those caused by harmful spirits. You will die (a horrible death) caused by demons, plagues or poison.

You will be killed by (wicked) kings or fire, by poisonous snakes, water, witches or bandits, by harmful spirits or savages, and then be reborn in a hell.

Never disturb your Guru's mind. Should you be foolish and happen to do this, you will surely boil in hell.

Whatever fearful hells have been taught, such as Avici, the Hell of Uninterrupted pain, it is clearly explained that those who disparage their Gurus will have to remain there (a very long time).

It has been taught that for the Guru to whom you have pledged your word of honour (to visualize as one with your meditational deity), you should willingly sacrifice your wife, children and even your life, although these are not (easy) to give away. Is there need to mention your fleeting weath?

If you should never tread even on (your Guru's) shadow, because the fearsome consequences are the same as destroying a stupa, is there need to mention never stepping on or over his shoes or seat, (sitting in his place or riding) his mount?

It is from your Guru that powerful attainments, higher rebirth and happiness come. Therefore, make a wholehearted effort never to transgress your Guru's advice.

(Guard) your Guru's belongings as you would your own life. Treat even your Guru's beloved (family) with the same (respect you show for him). (Have affectionate regard for) those closely around him as if they were your own dearest kin. Single-mindedly think (in this way) at all times.

Never sit on the (same) bed or seat (as your Guru), nor walk ahead of him. (At teachings do not) wear your hair in a top-knot, (a hat, shoes or any weapons). Never touch a seat (before he sits down), or if he happens to sits on the ground. Do not place your hands (proudly) on your hips or wring them (before him).

In the presence of your Guru, never do such things as spit, (cough or sneeze without covering your mouth). Never stretch out your legs when at your seat, nor walk back and forth (without reason before him), and never argue.

Never massage or rub your limbs. Do not sing, dance or play musical instruments (for other than religious purposes). And never chatter idly or speak in excess (or too loudly) within the range of (your Guru's) hearing.

In the direct sight of his Guru, (a disciple) with sense should not (sit) with his body twisted around, nor lean (casually) against pillars and such. Never crack your knuckles, (play with your fingers or clean your nails).

When washing (your Guru's) feet or his body, drying, massaging (or shaving) him, precede such actions with (three) prostrations and at their conclusion do the same. Then attend (to yourself) as much as you like.

Whatever you do to serve (your Guru) or show him respect, should never be done with an arrogant mind. Instead you should be like a newlywed bride, timid, bashful and very subdued.

What need is there to say much more. Do whatever pleases your Guru and avoid doing anything he would not like. Be diligent in both of these."

No thanks.

In the web site created to address the purported misrepresentations in this web site, NKTWORLD, the following statement was made...

"You're certainly right about their doctrinal errors…for example, they haven't even spotted in all this time that they have a picture of Medicine Buddha on there but it's labelled 'Buddha Shakyamuni' – what does that say about their ability to deliver accurate, informed critical comment about anything?"

Regarding the web site created to 'correct' this web site and which promised, in May, several commentaries "in the coming weeks and months," it finally added new content August 22...a video entitiled 'What is not allow to debate in Ganden monastery?', retitling the video as "What is NEVER Allowed to be Debated on at Ganden Monastery."

Ganden Monastery (also Gaden or Gandain) or Ganden Namgyeling is one of the 'great three' Gelukpa university monasteries of Tibet, located at the top of Wangbur Mountain, Tagtse County, 36 kilometers ENE from the Potala Palace in Lhasa, at an altitude of 4,300m. (The other two 'great monasteries' are Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery.)

Though NKT insists that it is not a form of Tibetan Buddhism because it is degenerate and corrupt, again and again NKT supporters rely on Tibetan Buddhism. However, this video seems to be far more relevant to NKT than to the NKTWORLD web site.

Interestingly, according to the video, no debate is allowed about one's guru, though one can freely debate the existence and teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni. The speaker admonishes (with fascinating delivery) those who "suck you and drain you" and those who criticize other schools of Buddhism.....traits of NKT.

(Kelsang Gyatso is not my guru, it is unfortunate that he is anyone's)

NKT, empty on Buddhism, focused on power and wealth. Revenues trump content.

Relating to the video above, NKT - fanatics for money. Self cherishing mind will make you struggle.