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(warning: NKT's version of Tsongkhapa will confuse you immensely)

NKT's new grand achievement for its delusional cult, its book 'A Great Deception', treats Tsongkhapa very poorly.

According to NKT,

"Je Tsongkhapa himself appears as Dorje Shugden to prevent his doctrine of the Ganden Oral Lineage from degenerating."

Also according to NKT, this lineage is now corrupt, necessitating NKT, and only NKT, to save Shugden, ie to save Tsongkhapa (aka, according to NKT, Buddha Manjushri) from aggressive destruction by the Dalai Lama.

Kelsang Gyatso left the Tibetan exile community in India and Tibet during the late 1950s eventually to set up shop in England in 1990 to be far removed from the corruption that NKT alleges was instigated by the Dalai Lama in Tibet (the Dalai Lama left Tibet in 1959 upon Tibet's invasion by the Chinese communists; NKT encourages China's even more intrusive rule of Tibet).

After the Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet, corruption among Tibetan Buddhists expanded to the point that, according to NKT, there is no pure Gelug or Kadampa school in Tibet any longer. For purity, NKT claims only it has it. As for Tibet, NKT insists that it is better off without the Dalai Lama and in the hands of China.

Confused yet by NKT politics?

NKT assigns the increasingly destroyed Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri the task of protecting his lineage and his teachings subsequent to his alleged murder by the Fifth Dalai Lama. For human assistance, NKT was created.

Because NKT views Tsongkhapa's lineage and teachings corrupted by Tibetan history over the past 400 years (but salvaged by China's overthrow during the 1950s), NKT attempts to sell the idea that Tsongkhapa is a failure and can only be salvaged by NKT, the only 'pure' Gelug/Kadampa tradition. (the Gelug school is a school of Tibetan Buddhism, which NKT insists it is not)

Unlike any other Buddha, NKT assigns Tsongkhapa the mundane task of returning over and over, including before he ever lived, to reincarnate as Shugden. These reincarnations up to Tsongkhapa were living beings. After Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri died 400 years ago, Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri regenerated as a ghostly spirit to protect Dharma and Tsongkhapa's teachings and lineage.

Also unlike any other Buddha, Shugden can be contacted for discussions by oracles. This may be why NKT considers Shugden a super Buddha and its main deity. At NKT, Shugden rituals outnumber all others combined. NKT politics focuses on Shugden. NKT's latest book, 'A Great Deception', is essentially about Shugden, using NKT's battle with the Dalai Lama to dramatize and to weirdly enable and legitimize NKT's Shugden cult.

Kelsang Gyatso's uncle was a prominent Shugden oracle

NKT believes Dragpa Gyaltsen (1619-1656), Shugden's last human form, was the rightful Fifth Dalai Lama but murdered by the actual Fifth Dalai Lama.

(amazingly, NKT writes about Dragpa Gyaltsen in 'A Great Deception',

"Besides taking the Fifth Dalai Lama as one of his spiritual mentors, the Tulku honored and made copious material offerings to him. On a number of occasions, when the Dalai Lama was departing from or returning to Lhasa, Dragpa Gyaltsen would personally see him off, or give welcoming receptions accordingly."

Thus, while NKT despises the Fifth Dalai Lama, Dragpa Gyaltsen (aka Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri according to NKT) admired him. Thus, NKT vehemently disagrees with Dragpa Gyaltsen/Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri and created a cult to celebrate and romanticize this disagreement.)

200 years after Tsongkhapa died (1419), according to NKT, Tsongkhapa reincarnated one last time as Dragpa Gyaltsen in 1619, then ermerged as Shugden upon Dragpa Gyaltsen's death in 1656.

According to NKT, Tsongkhapa (aka Shugden and Buddha Manjushri) was a Buddha thousands of years before he was born, before Buddha Shakyamuni and even before this universe came into existence....but did not become a Buddha until he died in 1419. He was a Buddha long before but not until after his death! Such is the fairy tale of NKT.

Yes, indeed it is difficult to follow NKT's temporal sequence of Tsongkhapa's many lives and roaming spirit the last 400 years focused on physical and mental revenge against his disbelievers.

According to NKT, Shugden existed for more than 2,000 years before Tsongkhapa was born (actually, infinitely long before Tsongkhapa's birth). According to NKT, the last living reincarnation of Tsongkhapa was murdered by the Fifth Dalai Lama May 13, 1656, after which Tsongkhapa became a Buddha (again).

According to NKT's mythology, Tsongkhapa then emerged as the demon spirit Shugden to wreak harm on the Dalai Lama lineage and on Shugden disbelievers and to protect Tsongkhapa's teachings and lineage. Tsongkhapa failed, Kadampa Buddhism was corrupted, and NKT was created by Kelsang Gyatso to save him, ie to save Shugden and Buddha Manjushri as well.

Notably, Tsongkhapa, a prolific teacher and writer, never mentioned Shugden.

NKT's thematic set up for its clash of titans...the omniscient powerful Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri vs the corrupt monstrous Dalai Lama. An ethereal Buddha turned angry sprit for 400 years vs the living emanation of Buddha Avalokiteshvara (the Dalai Lama). The Buddha of Wisdom (Manjushri) vs the Buddha of Compassion (Avalokiteshvara). A mighty Buddha (Manjushri) vs a weakling villain (the Dalai Lama), though in NKT's theology, the mighty Buddha has lost the battle against the weakling villain and requires NKT's unique assistance to reinvigorate and prosper. Without NKT, Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri is doomed. So, NKT seeks to destroy the Dalai Lama.

NKT projects Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri as a warrior against the Dalai Lama, most Buddhists and NKT's clergy and members who had the audacity to leave NKT. NKT sees Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri incapable of protecting himself.

Shugden (Tsongkhapa and Buddha Manjushri according to NKT)

The Dalai Lama

NKT calls the Dalai Lama an evil monster ruining the lives of millions of people.

If NKT is to be believed, the Dalai Lama is smashing Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri and corrupting Tibetan Buddhism in the process, which forced NKT to separate from Tibetan Buddhism and form its own unique and political Shugdenism in England.

Moreover, NKT argues that the Dalai Lama, who mostly travels around the world sharing compassion and his love of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibet, is the biggest problem for the alleged millions that the Dalai Lama supposedly persecutes because of his analysis of Shugden for nearly 40 years.

NKT claims that millions of Shugden worshipers are being aggressively destroyed by the 75 year old Dalai Lama due to his part-time job to preside over about 100,000 Tibetans inside India since 1959. NKT insists that Shugdenites cannot worship Shugden because of the Dalai Lama and without NKT war against the Dalai Lama. (there are relatively few Shugden worshipers outside NKT, which created a Westernized version of Shugden to create animosity against the Dalai Lama; most Buddhists in the world have little if any idea of Shugdenism)

NKT to the rescue, attacking the Dalai Lama with protest rallies, news releases, threats of litigation, web sites, web blogs and books.

NKT is here to save Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri at all costs, monetary and theological. Like Mighty Mouse, NKT is here to save the day against its enemy, the Dalai Lama.

NKT rescues Tsongkhapa/Shugden/Manjushri

Sounds like a cheap epic movie script, doesn't it? Actually, however, the sacrilegious story serves the core of NKT's 'A Great Deception' and NKT's basis to attack the Dalai Lama.

Megalomaniacal. Delusional. Myopic. Desperate. Nonsense. All derived from Kelsang Gyatso's envy of the Dalai Lama's stature and admiration. After all, unlike Kelsang Gyatso, all of Kelsang Gyatso's teachers respected the Dalai Lama. Kelsang Gyatso's envy broke his connection with Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism, inspiring his creation of a cult in England in order to destroy the Dalai Lama and his influence over Tibetans and his western admirers.

A previous essay here noted about one of NKT's incarnations of Tsongkhapa before he was born,

"In 1991, Gyatso published a book dedicated to Shugden entitled Heart Jewel. In the book, Gyatso invented a human form of Shugden named Biwawa, who, according to Gyatso fantasy, lived in India long before the time of Tsongkhapa, who apparently never heard of Shugden even though Gyatso claims that Tsongkhapa is a reincarnation of Shugden.

When the King at the time attempted many times to kill him, Biwawa invoked miracles to defend himself from the King's futile gestures. In another fanciful adventure, when asked to pay his bar bill, Biwawa claimed he had no money. Becoming angry, the barmaid gave him until sunset to pay. "Biwawa promptly used his miracle powers to stop the sun moving and held it motionless for three whole days." The King promised Biwawa he would neither have to pay for his drinks nor go to jail.

How such a 'miracle' would not inflict monumental havoc around the world and kill billions of living beings from the catastrophic suspension of earth's rotation - which would cause massive environmental destruction - Gyatso chose not to explain (e.g., areas of the world would reach hundreds of degrees, other areas would quickly freeze, hundreds of millions of acres of fires would ensue, immense pollution would result, the earth would be subject to focused areas of radiation from the sun causing substantial biological mutations...and a whole lot more; such an event would have left behind easily identifiable and stunning archeological alterations, representing the most notable historical record here on earth).

Ridiculously, Gyatso and his followers praise this deadbeat as a Buddha and travel around the world to protect their devious mascot by targeting the Dalai Lama for protests and sponsor significant amounts of caustic Internet chatter - the basis of NKT's religion.

Outside Tibetan Buddhism, Shugden has no religious meaning or purpose. Within Tibetan Buddhism, Shugden is mostly seen as an anger spirit requiring appeasement to avoid his danger."

According to NKT, Tsonghapa/Shugden/Manjushri refused to pay a bar bill and stopped the world for 3 days to show off his ruinous power.


Editors Note:
We disagree with NKT's putrid view of Tsongkhapa, a holy many who left us many wonderful teachings.

From Rene de Nebesky-Wojkowitz's book, 'Oracles and Demons of Tibet: The Cult and Iconography of the Tibetan Protective Deities',

"Seeing the sign (predicted by Shugden upon his creamation), the disciple fell on his knees and implored the spirit of his teacher not to retire from this world, but to stay and take revenge on his enemies. Soon after this event great calamities befell the provinces of Central Tibet. Diseases raged in towns and villages, which killed people and animals. The Tibetan Government suffered misfortunes repeatedly and even the Dalai Lama was not spared...Astrologers and oracles soon discovered that a vengeance-seeking spirit was the cause of all this trouble...The heavenly abode in which (Shugden) is believed to dwell...is filled with various destroyed beings....There are countless springs overflowing with red and white poison...Human corpses - mummified, fresh, and in decomposition - are lying scattered around. Waves of blood and fat billow tremendously...Inside the palace, corpses of men and carcasses of horses are spread out, and the blood of men and horses streams together forming a lake. Human skins and hides of tigers are stretched into curtains...A great number of various objects and substances is offered to (Shugden) at the time of his worship: heart-blood in which yellow-red bubbles rise one after the other, quivering flowers made out of the organas of the five senses...The strong smelling liquid consisting of brain, blood, and bile, the heep of food composed of the organs of the five senses, hearts, meat, and bone..."

The Yellow Book, written by Zemy Tulku in the early 1970s and having a profound impact on the Dalai Lama, chronicles injuries, unending disasters and 2 dozen assassinations at the hands of Shugden against those straying from Shugden extremism.

This is part of what NKT fights for.