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Defame and Destroy

This web site has been dormant for years. We thought the worst was over. But, a recent assault campaign pushes the boundaries of shame in despicable intent to ruin someone's life.

Sadly, NKT has created a new target for its defamation and destruction business with an especially vile assault.

NKT's original target was the Dalai Lama, then the media, Buddhists, Buddhist lamas and monks, and NKT survivors. NKT even targeted one of its own, Kadam Nick Gillespie, for lawsuit should he publish a book about Buddhism. And, there were targets that NKT didn't brag about so much...those sexually abused inside NKT, those thrown out of their rented space at NKT and those threatened outside NKT with defamation, lawsuits, psychoanalysis and false claims.

NKT's new target...Dr. Michelle Haslam, DClinPsych, PhD, BSc (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2014 from the University of Birmingham, PhD in 2011 from Loughborough University is titled 'Interpersonal functioning and eating disorder related psychopathology’, BSc (Hons) Psychology, Loughborough University, 2008)

The story begins when Dr. Haslam joined NKT but left NKT a year and a half later. As hundreds of other NKT survivors have done publicly and thousands have done with their friends and families, Dr. Haslam tried to help others by sharing her painful experience with NKT. Her wit and insight were too much for NKT to bear, and NKT supporters attacked her online for pointing out potential trauma caused by involvement with their organization widely recognized as a cult.

Dr. Haslam then began writing a comprehensive document outlining the potential harms caused by involvement with the NKT. The day after version 1 of this document was shared online, NKT fired up its defamation/destruction machine against Dr. Haslam and she received via NKT's fake doctor a defamatory email sent to her employer. (Dr. Haslam's well-referenced report can be found here; it corroborates respected academic assessments of NKT in 1997/2004 by David Kay and in 2006 by Robert Bluck, the 1998 BBC documentary 'An Unholy Row' regarding NKT and its satanic deity, literally hundreds if not thousands of NKT survivors and actual Buddhist leaders/associations as well as worldwide media. NKT has always presented an ugly portrait, perhaps best exemplified by its own pictures and videos of its worldwide protests against the Dalai Lama for not worshiping NKT's satanic deity. Simply google search 'NKT controversy' or 'Kelsang Gyatso scandal' and you will readily find NKT's trademark ugliness.) (or, more recently, in the Winter 2018 issue of Tricycle Magazine, its feature article by Judith Hertog)

Horrific. An egregious dirty trick email to her employer. Dr. Haslam and her workplace mutually agreed she needed time off, sick due to the stress of the attack and potential continued harassment.

It gets worse, escalating to a psychoanalytic assault broadcast on the Internet.

NKT, via its fictional villain, 'Dr. Robert Harrison', published an entire web site dedicated exclusively to assaulting Dr. Haslam in order to harm Dr. Haslam's future employment, to harm her reputation forever and to devastate her emotionally.

Materially false allegations against Dr. Haslam. NKT's fictional character: practicing psychotherapy without a license, unethical practice, abuse of web site name (the url specifies Dr. Haslam, effectively stealing her identity), abuse of web hosting policies against defamation, domain abuse, interference with Dr. Haslam's job and career (potentially, a multi-million-pound damage). Notably, the fictional character violated his own attorney's advice to NOT proceed against Dr. Haslam. 'His' report has no references and meets no standards for psychological assessment of Dr. Haslam, and violates practice, ethics and law to publish 'his' character assassination on the Internet.

NKT means to obliterate Dr. Haslam for saying,

"I am a clinical psychologist (but first and foremost, a human) who lived in the Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre in Northamptonshire between November 2016 and June 2018. I decided to write this document based on what I observed and experienced during this time, the conclusions I have drawn since leaving, testimonies of other ex-members of this group, and psychological theory. I underestimated the extent that the NKT would go to in order to gather evidence and exaggerate it in order to discredit me and control the narrative given to their members. I thought that because my motivation was to help and protect people that I would somehow be protected. But that is not the case when it comes to high demand groups/sects/cults, or whatever you want to call them. Everyone has a different perspective on how at risk I am, and I don’t know who to believe anymore. Despite what I was struggling with, and the continued stress and harassment I have been under, I stand by the evidence I have gathered and the relevance of the references I have used. Many ex-members have now read and stated they benefited from reading this document."

Hopefully a first draft of information for an important book about cult cyberbullying and abuse of members, especially those that leave the cult, Dr. Haslam has appropriately responded:

Dr. Haslam and many others believe this to be DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender), a common abuse tactic used to avoid taking responsibility for the content of her writing. And harsh lessons for patients of clinicians that might retaliate against their patients if they disagree with their clinician and for NKT members and survivors who may be similarly targeted by NKT.

As we know, Dr. Haslam is not alone, though she is being attacked viciously.

Chin up Dr. Haslam. Your wit, energy and compassion will survive and show NKT's errant way and further reveal NKT's assault on Buddhislm and illicit defamation machine. Your value vastly outweighs that of the morally bankrupt global NKT corporation.


Editors Note
Dr. Haslam is receiving support, eg https://newkadampatraditionreport.org/2019/07/31/the-nkt-continue-to-attempt-character-assassination-of-me-by-dedicating-entire-websites-to-it/?fbclid=IwAR1uMokzwvSBgWtDEvZAbD_aqzhOzIBxxSqHyJlHYSmVHuNRSu025LbIeYA

We are interested to learn if 'Dr. Robert Harrison' is real and is licensed to practice clinical psychology for which he projects expertise and he performs for Dr. Haslam. Will NKT ever credibly deny this assault? Several weeks have already passed with no NKT denial.

Let's assume, for a moment, that 'Dr. Robert Harrison' is real and has the credential he claims. Would his peers, supervisors, university deans, ethics committee, benefactors, patients or students see his assault of Dr. Haslam ethical or meritorious? Undoubtedly not. Would they recognize the damaging impact of his assault against Dr. Haslam on their and Dr. Robert Harrison's own reputation? Undoubtedly, yes. Would any ethical journal, newspaper, book publisher, professional society or university print or endorse Dr. Robert Harrison's assault against Dr. Haslam? No. Would any moral person condone Dr. Robert Harrison's psychanalytic assault (an often-perpetrated technique of NKT)?

As for 'Dr. Robert Harrison', searches of the Internet and scientific research data bases fail to find anything about this self-described PhD in Experimental Psychology. No affiliations, no publications, no resume, no graduation records, no web site or social media page other than his web site focused entirely against Dr. Haslam. (Many Robert Harrison's have been found. An attorney, physicians, a dentist, a lecturer in Italian literature, a clinical psychologist who died in 2012, a US army officer who died in 1790 who served with George Washington against England. And more. Perhaps a systems engineer at University of Sheffield.)

NKT continues to be a fraud, a scam. It certainly does not represent true Buddhism. Its clergy is fake and wears fake Tibetan monk and nun robes, its founder has fake credentials (most notably Kelsang Gyatso is a fake Geshe) and was dismissed by his training monastery for his demon worship and war against Buddhism, it bans Buddhism within NKT (thousands of books by and about Buddhists are banned, notably including those of the original/real Kadampas, Tsongkhapa and Atisha and generations of their students; even core texts about and quoting Buddha Shakyamuni revered for centuries are banned; actually all books about Buddhism are banned unless written by Kelsang Gyatso). Rather, NKT is a wealthy international real estate business living on taxpayer subsidies, ego, rent, sometimes large donations from members and their families, festivals, self-published merchandise sales, food sales and nirvana sales. When your money runs out, you are flushed. Say something about the caustic treatment, you are attacked on the Internet, subjected to protest rallies and confronted even at your place of employment.

Most disturbingly, NKT sells ego development (just what Buddhism strives to reverse), building its own and its members' ego toward disenchantment with life and true Buddhism and toward perverse assaults against Buddhism, its teachers and followers, and NKT survivors. Feel good to make others feel bad. Sadly, the scope of influence NKT projects, its entrenched PR machine and its vast real estate holdings and businesses undermine society and the wellbeing of all. NKT is a predator. We are the prey, or more accurately our money is the prey.

NKT is a self described international corporate success. Imagine if a regular corporation (eg, Shell, BP, Lloyds, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Apple, Amazon, Toyota, Samsung, GE and so on) performed such assaults like the assault against Dr. Haslam.

Multi-million pound/dollar individual and class action lawsuits and governmental litigation would surely ensue and prevail. Kelsang Gyatso, NKT leadership, NKT board of directors, NKT accountants and auditors, NKT consultants, NKT advertising agencies, NKT publishers, NKT monks and nuns, and leading NKT supporters and benefactors would be deposed under oath and be compelled to provide extensive documentation relevant to their depositions, including funding and spending, income and property tax records, assault campaigns, prior complaints against NKT, employee misconduct, dispositions of internal sexual abuse cases and taxpayer subsidies. And, NKT ties to NKT/Shugden supporters who, according to police, butchered 3 monks close to the Dalai Lama in his residence and escaped to China (see, posted here several years ago). (Note: NKT is the largest Shugden cult in the world and breakaway from mainstream Buddhism; Shugden is NKT's satanic deity, a malevolent creature invented 2,000 years after Buddhism began, a terrorizing creature invented to harm cult 'disbelievers' and resurrected by NKT in the 1990s to spearhead the NKT enterprise; substantial background about this evil appears across this web site and extensive professional literature and by numerous experts in Buddhism, high Buddhist lamas and leading schools of Buddhism). Many NKT supporters called for the Dalai Lama's death without admonitions from NKT. Public subsidy would likely cease. The internal records and finances of NKT would be exposed and likely generate further litigation. Investigations and documentaries would follow. Corrupt practices and crimes might be revealed and prosecuted, and all prior taxpayer subsidies demanded to be returned, likely significant fines imposed and possible criminal charges filed. The transparency disinfectant would apply. Then, those hurt by NKT could more fully recover and all could be protected.

'Dr. Robert Harrison' expanded his psychoanalytic attack against Dr. Haslam. First, he claims that he never heard the term 'ad hominem'. Not a chance. A self-purported psychologist never understood the term 'ad hominem'! He attacks Dr. Haslam for not being a psychologist though calls her a psychologist. Certainly, her credentials and employment as a psychologist are impressive. He attacks Dr. Haslam for breaking the law (in a word, hogwash) and for not using the quanititative methods of Leon Festinger in his study of The Seekers, a doomsday cult.

Well, Festinger's study was published in his 1956 book, When Prophecy Fails: A Social and Psychological Study of A Modern Group that Predicted the Destruction of the World. Other than page numbers and dates, there are no quantities in the study. No tables, no statistics, no quantitative data. No quantitative methods whatsoever. In fact, Festinger notes that, "The data collected by the observers was in the form of anecdotal accounts," and "Our material is largely qualitative rather than quantitative and even simple tabulations of what we observed would be difficult. Owing to the complete novelty and unpredictability of the movement, as well as to the pressure of time, we could not develop standard categories of events, actions, statements, feelings, and the like, and certainly could not subject the members of the group to any standardized measuring instrument, such as a questionnaire or structured interview, in order to compare indices before and after disconfirmation."

Notably, Dr. Haslam's account of NKT is reminiscent of that of Festinger's account of The Seekers. Festinger would be far more likely to agree with Dr. Haslam than 'Dr. Robert Harrison' and would certainly never conduct psychoanalytic attacks on the Internet against Dr. Haslam. No ethical psychologist would.

Looks like 'Dr. Robert Harrison' needs to go back to school, learn ethical psychoanalysis...and stop attacking Dr. Haslam.

Update 2
'Dr. Robert Harrison's' psychoanalytic Internet attack expanded further. The self-appointed Internet psychologist for Dr. Haslam keeps attacking Dr. Haslam with his fake psychoanalysis, twisting her commentary inside out to distort Dr. Haslam and amplify his abusive narrative about Dr. Haslam in a new episode he titled, 'The Cult of the Survivors'. Unethical/fake psychoanalysis as well as lies...and Trump-like projection, calling NKT survivors a cult. Students, patients and associates of Dr. Robert Harrison....BEWARE. You too may become a target of this Dr. Robert Harrison, and have your reputation and career attempted to be ruined as well. Is Harrison really employed by anyone as a psychologist? Would Harrison's personnel records reveal a pattern of abusing others?

Dr. Haslam noted (speaking for herself, not directing others) that she prefer not to use derogatory words and images regarding NKT. Harrison insists, falsely, this means Dr. Haslam is retracting her assessment of NKT. Dr. Haslam noted that she was traumatized by NKT. Harrison insists, falsely, this means she wasn't. Dr. Haslam noted that she is receiving possibly fake testimonies about NKT. Harrison insists, falsely, this means that all testimonies of NKT abuse are fake. Dr. Haslam expressed worry about NKT victims and that their involvement with Internet forums is fraught with difficulties and traps. Harrison insists, falsely, this means that Dr. Haslam's observations about NKT abuse are false and invalid. Dr. Haslam noted that she is ending, at least for the foreseeable future, further commentary. Harrison insists, falsely, this means Dr. Haslam is the main spokesperson for NKT survivors. Harrison insists, falsely, that Dr. Haslam's personal experience with NKT trauma undermines her. No, it strengthens her assessment and adds to the already large body of evidence about NKT assault machine.

Every attack by Harrison of Dr. Haslam is false, exemplifies cultist assault against cult survivors and is unethical if he actually is a practicing psychologist as he claims to be. Is this how Harrison treats or threatens all his patients?

Bravo for Dr. Haslam for noting that "No one on the outside is fooled. Survivors, every safeguarding lead in the NHS, the police, Cultic Studies experts, and my clinical psychology colleagues have see through your tactics in an instant (they are, after all, REAL psychologists). There is nothing you can do to dismiss survivors. There is nothing you can do to ruin my career. You have revealed yourselves for everyone to see, and in the future even highly indoctrinated members will work it all out when they escape your deception and seek support."

Particularly disgusting, Harrison fetishizes Dr. Haslam's sexuality, claiming it triggered a psychiatric disorder and diagnoses her as hysterical. All without ever meeting Dr. Haslam, but instead based, he says, on his Internet searches. Is Harrison qualified in anything? Is he as fake as he seems? No real or ethical psychologist would develop an expanding web site dedicated exclusively to attacking Dr. Haslam. A stalker would, however. (so Harrison won't have to look up this big word like he did 'ad hominem', we offer this definition for his etification...stalker: a person who stalks : a person who pursues someone obsessively and aggressively to the point of harassment)

As noted in the essay above, this assault against Dr. Haslam would contribute significantly to an important book or documentary about cult cyberbullying and abuse of members by the cult, especially those that leave the cult or saved from the cult by friends, family, police and mental health professionals. Perhaps BBC will update its 1998 documentary material about NKT and its satanic deity in its 'An Unholy Row'.

What ethical or actual Buddhist organization would be so driven for 20+ years to attack its predecessors, its members and those who leave? What legitimate organization or person would assault Dr. Haslam so relentlessly?

We do not know Dr. Haslam. Never met her. However, we admire her resolve and her compassion for NKT cult survivors. We all benefit from her sharing and professional assessment of her experience with NKT cultist behavior modification, exploitation and abuse.

NKT's abuse of Buddhism has been extensively described in this web site, numerous academic treatises and by numerous Buddhist lamas, including Kelsang Gyatso's training monastery and teachers.

Dear NKT, we never met Atisha (982-1054) or Tsongkhapa (1357–1419, teacher of the first Dalai Lama). However, we admire their gift of Kadampa Buddhism, which you have been coopting illicitly since the 1990s for your business and real estate empire and your distorted vehicle to market your satanic deity, Shugden (invented to harm us 2,000 years after Buddha Shakyamuni). You are not Kadampa, demonstrated by your abuse of Kadampa, your abandonment of its rules and requirements for monks and nuns, your protest rallies and caustic Internet presence, your one-sided war against the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism, your asaults against your survivors and Buddhism, and your ban on all books by/about and teachers of its founders, Atisha and Tsongkhapa (and all other Buddhist authors and teachers; you even ban the core texts transcribing the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni). You defile them. You defile us. May genuine Kadampa and Buddhism forever flourish forever regardless of your malevolent cult and satanic deity. May we all be free of your assaults and greed.

Update 3
This fine article from a former NKT monk supports Dr. Haslam. It is part of his series about NKT titled 'Leaving the Sangha',

DARVO explained.