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Petty They Go Again

NKT book gets face lift.


Same garbage contents, slightly different face, symbolic of how NKT dresses up as Buddhists but spews hate.

Unfortunate when a self-proclaimed religion with followers dressing up as Tibetan Buddhists prefer wasting time with Chinese politics against The Dalai Lama and Tibet.

This is how NKT makes its living. Hate mongering.

And, NKT has rebooted its protest rallies against the Dalai Lama in his world travels.

According to NKT, "We don't need the Dalai Lama to practice our religion or for us to practice his."

Fine, then stop protesting.

Caution to unwitting visitors to NKT, the so-called New Kadampa Tradition which claims that Tibetan Buddhism is corrupt, the Dalai Lama is a killer and Chinese politics outweighs all else. A new tradition indeed.

When the money dries up, so will NKT.


Editors Note:
We were thinking it was time to end this web site. But, now NKT raises its ugly head again.