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Cults Galore

Analysis of the NKT cult is now legendary. Evidence is massive.

But the NKT cult is part of a larger picture of cults, their defense, their damage and their fraud.

What is a cult?

(by Janja Lalich)
"A cult can be either a sharply-bounded social group or a diffusely-bounded social movement held together through shared commitment to a charismatic leader. It upholds a transcendent belief system (often but not always religious in nature) that includes a call for a personal transformation. It also requires a high level of personal commitment from its members in words and deeds. Cults can be distinguished from other non-mainstream groups—for example, religious or political sects, fringe or alternative groups or movements, communes and intentional communities—because of their intense ideologies and their demand for total commitment from at least some of the members. Each group must be observed and judged on its own merits and its own practices and behaviors as to whether it falls within this category type, which is not meant to be dismissive or one-sided. Cults are frequently totalistic and separatist. Some cults are totalistic when they are exclusive in their ideology (sacred, the only way) and impose upon their members systems of social control that are confining and all-inclusive (encompassing all aspects of life). Some cults are separatist when they promote withdrawal from the larger society.

People in such cults tend to: 1. Espouse an all-encompassing belief system 2. Exhibit excessive devotion to and dependency on their “perfect” leader 3. Avoid criticism of the group, its leader(s), and its practices 4. Have an attitude of disdain for non-members"

Almost as if the author is describing NKT.

Two recent books delve into the matter. No doubt there are many more.

Practice And All Is Coming: Abuse, Cult Dynamics, And Healing In Yoga And Beyond, by Matthew Remski

McMindfulness: How Mindfulness Became the New Capitalist Spirituality, by Ronald Purser

Again, you will think the authors are describing NKT.

And, Dr. Michelle Haslam is working on the matter. (see here).

Cults cost massive emotional, mental, psychological and physical damage as well has hundreds of millions of hours of cult members and billions of dollars wasted spent by cult members annually. Cults are big business. Imagine the lives and money that could be saved by ridding ourselves of cults, which in the long run always prove useless.

Considering what we know about cults and their damage/cost, it is absurd that NKT continues their abuse and threats, ie keep proving that NKT is a cult.


Editors Note
Often by design, cults fall short and thus encourage more spending/involvement. After all, it’s our fault if it doesn't work. A Self-petuating business. What a deal for the cult, unfortunately at our expense.