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As previously discussed on this web site, NKT/WSS appears to be using a contrived Shugden controversy as a ploy to overthrow The Dalai Lama, either because Gyatso cannot recover from his Dalai Lama envy or because NKT/WSS - as many have reported - is alligned with the Chinese government against The Dalai Lama's leadership of the Tibetan people (the jury is still out about whether NKT and the Chinese government are cooperating in their goals to remove The Dalai Lama).

Kundeling Rinpoche, the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against The Dalai Lama in India (this lawsuit is endorsed by NKT/WSS) stated, “I approve the Chinese presence in Tibet. What we are living with the Dalai Lama today shows how authoritarian his theocratic regime must have been in the past. It was much more violent than what Tibetans are living today under Chinese rule...If we had to live with him (The Dalai Lama), we could have possibly been crucified." The newscast in which Kundeling presented support for China's occupation of and cultural genocide in Tibet also reviewed horrific graphic details of the brutal murders of 3 monks loyal to to The Dalai Lama at the hands of Shugdenites (according to police in India). A 10/2/08 news story reported that Tibet's capital is under heavy security, religious activity had mostly gone underground, and Exile groups say that "patriotic education" in schools and monasteries is requiring Tibetans to reaffirm their loyalty to the state and denounce the Dalai Lama. (for more information on this Shugdenite violence against associates of The Dalai Lama click here)

NKT/WSS has just released a new attack against The Dalai Lama (a month ago, they said he was not a Buddhist; now, they are saying he is not The Dalai Lama).

September 29, 2008, about a month after proclaiming that The Dalai Lama is not a Buddhist, NKT/WSS's headline article claimed that The Dalai Lama (14th and current) was selected as the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama based on deceit (the 13th Dalai Lama died in 1933). According to NKT/WSS's latest sorcery, The Dalai Lama is now - all of a sudden - a false Dalai Lama. Just as NKT/WSS twisted history to promote Shugden, it now twists history again to illegitimize The Dalai Lama (paralleling tactics of the Chinese government to end The Dalai Lama's influence over Tibet that a dozen Dalai Lamas have exercised for 400 years).

Reting Lama

NKT/WSS claims that Reting Lama, worried about his position in Tibet's government, devised a scheme to select the wrong boy as the reincarnated 13th Dalai Lama in a Muslim villiage on the border with China (1938). When threatened with civil war, the ministers of the Tibet's government acquiesced to the blackmail. When it came time for Reting Lama to grant the false reincarnation his ordination vows, Reting Lama claimed he could not because so many people knew of his sexual and other immoralities.

Reting Lama selected his teacher, Taktra Rinpoche, to ordain and teach the boy. But, according to WSS/NKT, the boy never accepted Buddhism and showed no interest in any spiritual practice. Frustrated by his failures, Taktra Rinpoche selected two other teachers for the boy, Ling Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche.

For lying about his bogus selection of the new Dalai Lama, Reting Rinpoche was imprisoned and eventually confessed the truth to Tibet's Chief MInister. Reting Rinpoche died soon thereafter (May 8, 1947); NKT/WSS suggest that he was executed by the Tibetan government.

Because of fear that China was about to invade Tibet and the false reincarnation had improved his spiritual qualifications because of his teachings from Ling Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche, Taktra Rinpoche, Trijang Rinpoche and Ling Rinpoche persuaded the Tibetan government to delay removal of the boy as the reincarnated Dalai Lama.

In 1959, because of the Chinese overthrow of Tibet, the purportedly false Dalai Lama escaped to India to set up a Tibetan Government in Exile, which has hidden the truth about the false Dalai Lama, who (according to NKT/WSS) "for over forty years has spread only false information that has exaggerated the good qualities of this false Dalai Lama throughout the world. In truth, they are lying. Their policy of mixing religion with politics has caused great damage to the reputation of Buddhism in general. We can see how all of Lhamo Dhondup’s (i.e., NKT false Dalai Lama) opportunities came from the supreme kindness of his two teachers – Ling Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche – yet how did he return their kindness? In The Ocean of Truth Explained it says: ‘Later, in Dharamsala, India, Ling Rinpoche died of a heart attack because the Dalai Lama refused his request to stop giving encouragement that Gelugpas should practise the Nyingma tradition. And Trijang Rinpoche died of a heart attack because the Dalai Lama refused his request to stop banning the practice of Dorje Shugden.’"

In this amazing story of lies (according to NKT/WSS), NKT/WSS does not explain why Trijang Rinpoche went along with the purported lie which ultimately caused Trijang Rinpoche to die of a heart attack (NKT/WSS believes that Trijang was a reincarnation of Shugden/Tsongkhapa/Manjushri and that Shugden is a Buddha).

According to Zemey Tulku's Yellow book published in the 1970s, Reting Rinpoche was killed by Shugden for receiving Nyingma teachings. Notably, NKT/WSS asserts that "Ling Rinpoche died of a heart attack because the Dalai Lama refused his request to stop giving encouragement that Gelugpas should practise the Nyingma tradition. And Trijang Rinpoche died of a heart attack because the Dalai Lama refused his request to stop banning the practice of Dorje Shugden.’" Apparently, consistent with Shugden lore and Pabongkha's depoloyment and promotion of Shugden to a Buddha to harm and murder, Shugden is a serial killer, who NKT embraces as its primary deity. Despicable.

The full Tibetan title of Zimey Rinpoche’s text translates as ‘Account of the Protective Deity Dorje Shugden, Chief Guardian of the Gelug Sect, and of the Punishments meted out to Religious and Lay Leaders who incurred His Wrath’. The book was published in 1973 but not circulated publicly until 1975. For the portion of the Yellow Book translated into English click here.

The Yellow Book talks about Reting in glowing terms and acknowledges his recognition of the correct Dalai Lama. It says that things only went wrong when Reting took Nyingma and Dzogchen teachings.


Regent Reting Rinpoche had to suffer punishment with the king's order. The misfortune was caused by the miraculous power of the Dharma protector great Dorjee Shugden. Let me explain. The fourth Reting Rinpoche, Ngawang Yeshi Tenpai Gyaltsen, offered the entire possession of Reting Ladang to the Tibetan Government and requested His Holiness the 13th Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso, not to search for the future Reting reincarnation. But His Holiness Thubten Gyatso returned everything back to the Ladang and asked them to search for the reincarnation. Accordingly the search party found the reincarnation in a simple family in Dakpo. This Rinpoche had made his foot prints on rocks. I saw one in the Reting monastery. One day while his mother was away the soup started boiling and overflowed from the earthen pot. So he closed the pot with his shoe lace. He displayed such miraculous powers while he was only a child. On the advice of His Holiness Thubten Gyatso, he was recognized as the 5th Reting Rinpoche and named Thubten Jampel Yeshi Gyaltsen. He was admitted to Sera Je College where he completed his religious education. When H.H. Thubten Gyatso visited the Reting monastery in the water- monkey year, it seemed that he left some instructions to Reting Rinpoche concerning the governance of the nation.

His Holiness the Thirteenth Dalai Lama passed away in the water-bird year. For about two months the Prime Minister and the Kashag held the responsibility of the Government. After that the General Assembly nominated the Reting Rinpoche, Gaden throne Holder Yeshi Palden and Yongzin Phurchok Jamgon Rinpoche for the regency. The Reting Rinpoche's name was confirmed with traditional tests were done in front of Lord Avaloketeshvara in the Potala Palace. Accordingly he was enthroned as the Regent on the 10th day of the first month of the wood-dog year. Thus he held the responsibility to head the Gaden Phodrang, the Tibetan Government. He took particular interest in the construction of the tomb of the thirteenth Dalai Lama and the search for the next reincarnation. He personally went to the precious lake and saw the visions which gave clear signals of the reincarnation. He then recognized and enthroned the right reincarnation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Those were indeed some of his wonderful deeds.

On the fourth day of the tenth month of the earth-hare year, the Reting Rinpoche did the hair cutting ceremony of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. In the last month of that year, he resigned from the post of regency after seven years of service. He had the traditional responsibility to uphold pure Kadampa tradition. His own monastery was the seat of Dromton Gyalpai Jungne. Moreover since the first Reting Rinpoche, Trichen Ngawang Chokden, tutor of His Holiness Kelsang Gyatso, the subsequent reincarnations preserved and propagated pure Gelug tradition. Many illustrious Gelug masters including Je Phaphongka exhorted and persuaded him to maintain and promote the stainless tradition of the great Lama Tsongkhapa. But the Reting Rinpoche did not pay any heed and he sought a number of hidden-treasure teachings of the Nyingma order from Tsenyi Tulku of Chamdo. He also received full transmission on Dzongchen from Sangye Dorjee. Thus the Reting Rinpoche departed from the tradition of his masters.

The final misfortune began to show up when the Reting Rinpoche had disagreement with the then Regent, Tadak. The government found evidence that the Reting Rinpoche had plotted against the life of the Regent Tadak. So, Kalon Surkhang Wangchen Gelek and Kalon Lhalu Gyurme Tsewang Dorjee went to the Reting monastery along with their force and arrested the Reting Rinpoche. Headed by Tsenyi Tulku, many monks from the Sera Je college revolted against the Tibetan government with arms. As the tension grew between the Sera Je College and the government, the latter increased its force and an intense fighting continued for days. Under the command of Kalsang Tsultrim, the government army fired at the Reting monastery and cause much destruction.

When the Reting Rinpoche and his friend Khardo Tulku was interrogated by the General Assembly, the latter confessed that they were guilty. The Reting Rinpoche also acknowledged his mistakes and pleaded for a chance to confess to the Regent himself. The appeal was sent through the Kashag with the endorsement of the General Assembly. But the appeal was rejected. The Reting Rinpoche was kept in Sharchen Chog under tight security with the officials, Lhungshar Orgyen Namdol and Rupon Kalsang Damdul in command. While he was in confinement, he suddenly passed away in the night on the 17th of the third month. No outsider had any knowledge of the cause of his death.

The Yellow Book also chronicles injuries, unending disasters and 22 other assassinations at the hands of Shugden against those straying from a sect of Gelug fundamentalists. On the other hand, the Yellow Book describes Pabongkha's recovery from strange dreams and poisoning caused by Shugden after Pabongkha abandoned Nyingma teachings and dedicated himself "to practice and propagate pure Gelug tradition free of defilements." Accordingly, Shugden serves to harm and murder enemies of fundamentalism but will protect those who promote fundamentalism.

According to the Yellow Book, Pabongkha's conversion occurred after Chinese troops had entered Tibet, which would have been during the 1950s.

Will NKT/WSS give Shugden credit for The Dalai Lama's current illness and cancellation of his public appearances, and ultimately his death - the purported fate of other Lamas and government officials because they advised against Shugden worship?

On August 26, 2008, NKT's Lucy James described the Yellow Book as a "superstitious claptrap." This is remarkable because the book's contents are scripture-like teachings of Gyatso's root guru, Trijang Rinpoche about his training from Pabongkha (who elevated Shugden to a Buddha to harm and murder rival Lamas and government officials to promote a fundamentalist sect within Tibetan Gelugpa).

In his letter to the editor in Newsweek responding to two 1997 Newsweek reports about NKT's controversial campaign against The Dalai Lama, Gyatso wrote, "If the practice of Dorje Shugden is harmful then it follows that Je Phabongkhapa was not an authentic Buddhist master, and if he was not then there is no doubt that his heart disciples, Kyabje Ling Rinpoche and Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche (the Senior and Junior Tutors of HH the Dalai Lama) were also not authentic. These three Lamas are the most important Gelugpa Lamas of recent times. If these three are not pure Teachers then there is no doubt that the entire practice of the Gelug Tradition is invalid."

WOW. Gyatso's root gurus as well as many other Lamas and the Tibetan people have recognized that Shugden's purpose is harmful and murderous. And, Gyatso's reason to create NKT in England was that Tibetan Buddhism, particularly the Gelugpa, had degenerated ("invalid" according to Gyatso in 1997), thereby necessitating Gyatso's creation in 1990 of the only pure form of Buddhism in the world. Gyatso also claims that he is the only protector of Pabongkha's theology. Apparently, however, in 1997 Gyatso abandoned Trijang Rinpoche and Pabongkha because they were not authentic Buddhist masters. Gyatso's latest claim against The Dalai Lama (that he is a false Dalai Lama) indicates that Gyatso's schizophrenia is intensifying. NKT/WSS, representing Gyatso, claim surreal political melodrama: “Shugden practitioners are currently ‘the jews of Buddhism’, a persecuted minority for no real reason.” Next, Gyatso may blame lack of the world's support for Shugdenism the cause of global warming and financial melt downs.

Contradicting NKT/WSS's new attack on The Dalai Lama as fake, Gyatso wrote a dedication in Meaningful to Behold to The Dalai Lama (later editions removed this dedication).

If NKT/WSS is correct in its novel and new announcement that The Dalai Lama is a false Dalai Lama, then not only its lineage guru (Trijang Rinpoche) was lying in his recognition of the validity of The Dalai Lama, so have countless Tibetan Lamas and respected organizations, e.g., HH Karmapa, the current Trijang Rinpoche (reincarnation), the late Ling Rinpoche, the current Ling Rinpoche, HH Sakya Trizin, the late Minling Trichin Rinpoche, HH Penor Rinpoche, HH Phakchog Rinpoche, Kyabje Choden Rinpoche, Kyabje Lati Rinpoche, Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche, the late Kirti Tzenshap Rinpoche, the late and current Zong Rinpoche, the late and current Serkong Rinpoche, Khen Rinpoche (abbots) of the main Gelug monasteries:, Sera Mey and Jey Monasteries, Ganden Shartse and Jangtse Monasteries, Drepung Gomang and Loseling, Tashi Lhunpo, Dzongkhar Choede, Namgyal Dratsang, Dialectics Institute, and more , as well as hundreds of millions of Buddhists around the world, hundreds of Buddhist monasteries and organizations, the Nobel prize organization, thousands of academic researchers, thousands of book stores around the world, hundreds of newspapers and book publishers, over a billion non-Buddhists, and at least a hundred heads of state. In effect, NKT/WSS under Gyatso's 'leadership' claims virtually everyone else in this world and many living beings Gyatso considers as enlightened are lying. Preposterous, just as Gyatso's worship of Shugden's mythic supremacy.

Without coroner reports, it cannot be determined whether the NKT/WSS diagnoses are correct of heart attack deaths caused by The Dalai Lama instead of coronary artery disease or other medical pathology. The Dalai Lama has never been criminally charged or found guilty of the murders purported by NKT/WSS to have been caused by The Dalai Lama. It would appear, therefore, that once again, NKT/WSS is publishing libel against The Dalai Lama about never-before alleged or adjudicated criminal conduct. Is anything NKT/WSS says against The Dalai Lama true? Probably not. Is anything NKT/WSS says about the basis for Shugden worship as a Buddha true? Probably not.

Since Gyatso abandoned Tibetan Buddhism because in his view, marketed as a Buddha's view by NKT, that Tibetan Buddhism is degenerate, Gyatso's battle with The Dalai Lama (who Gyatso considers a false Dalai Lama) is clearly a battle to overthrow The Dalai Lama. Thus, NKT protests along side Chinese government representatives at The Dalai Lama's public appearances (their goals are the same).

Interestingly, in 2000, The Dalai Lama (who NKT/WSS considers fake and not a Buddhist) refused to accept the validity of the 2 year old boy installed by the Chinese government as the reincarnation of Reting Lama. (Also, China kidnapped the rightful Panchen Lama and installed its puppet in 1995 to mandate Shugden worship as a tactic to diminish The Dalai Lama.)

In an open letter to The Dalai Lama, Reting Hutuktu representing himself as the 6th Reting, a Tibetan not installed by China's government as the living reincarnation of the 5th Reting Lama, wrote July 2006, (selections; for full letter click here)

"Great lies have been circulated about my former incarnation, circulated by those who seek to hide their wrongdoings and evil nature. Foul propaganda was spread to denigrate the 5th Reting Hutuktu and to muster support for the slaughter of his disciples.

All that you have by way of authority was initiated and bestowed by my predecessor at great sacrifice to himself. Your family enjoyed his protection, and that you even survived at the hands of your captors is owed to his blessing.

Although young at that time you are none the less the true incarnation of the Dalai Lama and as such have the presence of mind to discern for yourself.

Shugden lies at the heart of all the discord. Shugden is the sole source of the conflicts during my reign.

Your thirteenth incarnation, great and strong, who was the source of refuge to my own incarnation, led fearlessly the battle to cast Shugden from the hearts and minds of all would-be dharma practitioners. You as the great Thirteenth rebuked the root of the poisonous lineage at that time only to become caught in the branches of that poisonous lineage tree in your next incarnation!

Trijang was the force who spread the doctrine of downfall to all peoples of high and low status, Tibetan and of other races. The greatest servant of Shugden in our entire history, he succeeded in destroying the living tradition of Je Tsong Kapa. This fact is obvious to any person who studies logic with a clear mind.

May all beings that seek true Dharma meet with authentic and qualified teachers and not fall into the hands of spiritual rapists and frauds."

NKT's Shugden heros Trijang and Pabongkha have some explaining to do.


A poignant comment was posted about NKT's new attack a few hours after its publication:

Firstly, from a personal perspective, I see the NKT's highly politicised attack on HH for 'mixing politics with religion' as ludicrous. How could it be otherwise? HH is the spiritual and temporal leader of the Tibetan peoples. 'Spiritual AND temporal'. I therefore see no reason for HH NOT to mix politics with religion-that's his job.

Secondly, it should be remembered that Reting Rinpoche, who was HH's earliest mentor and who had strong Nyingma leanings, eventually died in the hands of the Tibetan establishment, an establishment which was largely controlled by two of Pabonka's closest disciples, Taktra and Trijang Rinpoche. The murder of Reting was a clear act on the part of Pabonka's descendants to regain control of Tibetan religion/politics after the Thirteenth had dared to speak out against the Gelug political establishment/Pabonka/the practice of DS. Just as Pabonka himself immediately siezed the opportunity to reinstigate the practice of DS in Gelug monasteries after the death of the 13th, his descendants attempted to further re-establish their influence through persistent attacks on, and the eventual murder of, Reting at a time when HH was still very young and perhaps naive about the political machinations of those appointed as his teachers and advisors.

In repeating these attacks on Reting, the NKT are simply continuing the battle of that small group of Gelug fundamentalists who, for the last three generations, have been trying to sieze back the power that was taken away from them during the reign of the 13th. They therefore show themselves to be exactly what they are: megalomaniacs intent on controlling Tibetan Dharma at the expense of the genuine followers of the four major Buddhist traditions. This is exactly what Pabonka was up to and, perhaps through a liitle too much unquestioning devotion and a little less political intent, Trijang after him. In attacking Reting, the NKT are simply demonstrating to the world that they are the descendants of that small group of Gellug fundamentalists who had been playing politics with Tibetan religion for centuries. They are clearly the inheritors of a perverse and highly politicised approach to Tibetan Dharma first demonstrated by Pabonka and his disciples.Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!




If The Dalai Lama is Not The Dalai Lama, Why Do You Call Him The Dalai Lama?

NKT's US spiritual leader Dekyong protesting The Dalai Lama
reading NKT's assault weapon, The Tibetan Situation Today


Editor's Note:
October 2, 2008, a couple days after this essay was posted, a Shugdenite blog response was published (click here).

The proffered distinction between NKT and WSS is not credible. Note the photograph above showing Dekyong, one of only 2 'Gen-las' in NKT, the highest rank in NKT below Gyatso. See the photograph below for Gyatso's other Gen-la (who Gyatso selected as his heir) is pictured at a protest also displaying The Tibetan Situation Today. In April, prior to the wave of protests, Gyatso wrote "I personally will organise demonstrations against the Dalai Lama directly. I requested Kelsang Pema and Kelsang Thubchen to do this job for me and they have accepted." Pema is the lead PR agent and media spokesperson for the protests.

A statement relied upon by the blogger is precious - "There are potentially hundreds of thousands of WSS supporters worldwide and over the coming months (or years if needs be) they will engage in more and more activities to bring the Dalai Lama’s unlawful and unconstitutional actions to light..In May 2008, at the Spring Festival at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (the Spiritual Director of the NKT) explained that he was supporting these demonstrations because the spiritual lives of Shugden practitioners throughout the world are in danger and he wants to help them..Finally, it is worth noting that NKT practitioners are free to attend the demonstrations or not as they choose (and they do choose), as these have nothing to do with the NKT organization." In April, Gyatso fired the most senior Kadam in NKT, Lucy James, for questioning the potests and not supplying anyone from NKT in Florida for the Colgate protest. Also, in April, the Administrative Director for Lucy Jame's KMC in Florida resigned because of the political nature of Gyatso's protests. October 2, NKT/WSS sent the Tibetan Government in Exile (in India) another ultimatum like it did in April - stop The Dalai Lama or the protests will continue (for letter click here).

According to a NKT insider, "I was under the impression everyone was aware WSS is based at Manjushri run by Neill Elliott under Gyatso's instructions. I was sitting next to him when he was talking to Pema organising future demos. At the moment he has been asked to attack HHDL in anyway he can ie his teachings, speeches etc from Gyatso. Under him are 2 sangha and Lucy James. Everyone is aware it is Neill. I was living there when it was set up. It was discused openly enough." (Neill Elliott, aka Thubten, is one of the Gyatso heirs involved with sexual abuse as a senior NKT monk; the next Gyatso heir caught up in sexual abuse is Stephen Wass, aka Samden).

NKT is the largest stakeholder in WSS. Nothing WSS does occurs without NKT approval if not creation. Undoubtedly, there are some non-NKT members of WSS, an organization with the single purpose to protest against The Dalai Lama.

The blogger's assertion that NKT/WSS is not political is not credible. NKT/WSS is protesting against a political head of state, and now attempting to not only undermine The Dalai Lama's leadership of the Tibetan people but also to 'prove' that The Dalai Lama is a false Dalai Lama approximately 60 years after The Dalai Lama was identified as The Dalai Lama.

The blogger's rationalization of why Trijang Rinpoche went along with the purported charade is priceless - "great fear was developing among Tibetans on hearing that the Chinese army would soon arrive in Lhasa; many people were unhappy at hearing that Lhamo Dhondup would be removed from his position; Lhamo Dhondup had apparently begun to improve his qualifications through receiving special care and teachings from Trijang Rinpoche and Ling Rinpoche." (NKT believes that Trijang Rinpoche is NKT's purported Buddha Shugden)

The blogger concluded, "Right now, we need Dorje Shugden more than ever." We? Certainly not almost all Buddhists in the world and virtually all of the earth's inhabitants.

The blogger's use of Gyatso's book Meaningful to Behold is interesting. In the book's early printing, Gyatso wrote a dedication to The Dalai Lama....long after the Chinese invasion that constrained Trijang Rinpoche to tell the purported truth about The Dalai Lama - that he is a fake.

The blogger chooses to ignore that NKT endorses the lawsuit in India against The Dalai Lama and the government of India from Kundeling and the Dorjee Shugden Devotees Charitable and Religious Society. The notion that WSS and the plaintiffs do not interact is not credible.

The blogger misses the point of the essay and this web site. What NKT is doing and why it is doing it against Tibetan Lamas and ex members who have shared their stories are anti-Buddhist. NKT's adverse impact on the public at which NKT is pointing its multimedia PR program*, painting a portrait of anger rather than compassion, is even more anti-Buddhist. NKT's campaign is a celebration of self cherishing and is portraying Tsongkhapa as a demon. Nothing in any school of Buddhism supports NKT's ego trip. If only NKT would be so committed to Buddhist compassion.

* NKT's has honed its tools for political campaigns, not the Three Jewels, to escalate its unilateral war with The Dalai Lama: press releases, press conferences, several web sites and even more blogs, litigation threats, yahoo videos, brochures, signs, megaphones, banners, protests, photo journals, festivals, media interviews, busses, budgets, talking points, press packages, international coordination planning, rapid responders, fundraising, talking heads, print/video production, fear mongering, hate mongering, attack ads, etc.

Shugdenite bloggers chimed in with typical NKT anti-Buddhist comments against The Dalai Lama. For example,

"We have to take away his power, and that means we have to destroy his reputation. We need to hit him hard. We can't pull punches. We need to destroy his power. And we are. Already, his reputation is crumbling. He's very worried now, and so he should be. Claiming exhaustion to put off his court case in India? Buying time to desperately pull some political strings with the Indian govt. to get the judge nobbled or the case thrown out, more like. You asked about possibilities - way I see it there are two: he lifts the ban, or we hose it by exposing him and destroying his reputation. His time's running out. On a brighter note, Ven. GKG told a friend of mine in the late 90's that when the Dalai Lama falls, he'll fall hard."

"In order to remove the ban, which is our aim, then we must either persuade the Dalai Lama to rescind it, or destroy the power of his speech. Since we have thus far been unable to accomplish the former, we have no choice but to accomplish the latter - and to accomplish this we have to destroy his reputation."


Gyatso heir Khenrab at a protest
posing NKT's assault weapon, The Tibetan Situation Today


NKT's mascot demon, Shugden
fueling NKT's ego, worshiped in lieu of compassion toward others