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NKT is a corporation selling a renegade form of Tibetan Buddhism in order to raise money to purchase and develop NKT's real estate ventures around the world - pitched as temples of peace and lifestyle rentals.

NKT markets a 'religion' based on virtual reality, temporal rewards and sensuous self-centered pleasures.

NKT advertises motel rooms and spas as soothing retreats for the senses that will earn NKT's consumers tantric merits toward enlightenment.


Like many corporations, NKT relies on bait and switch, drawing unwitting new members into a life of servitude to NKT's corporate interests.

NKT prospers by selling illusion, representing as holy its petty marches and voluminous Internet campaign against the Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhism and ex NKT members discarded by NKT or for finding the courage to leave NKT with the helpful intervention of family and friends. Many NKT survivors live in fear even long after they leave KT.


NKT's trademark - ritual political protest rallies for Shugden

NKT's director, photo right, holding NKT's talking points, The Tibetan Situation Today

Those considering entering NKT's world might consider this interesting comment...

"The Truth is inside and can be reached only from your own silent´╗┐ search, working and interacting normally´╗┐ with the world. To isolate yourself and hypnotize yourself with rituals can be a great distraction."

Or, something the Dalai Lama said last month (although Shugdenites despise him for saying so and generating so much good will around the world)...

"As long as we observe love for others and respect for their rights and dignity in our daily lives, then whether we are learned or unlearned, whether we believe in the Buddha or God, follow some religion or none at all, as long as we have compassion for others and conduct ourselves with restraint out of a sense of responsibility, there is no doubt we will be happy."

(lies according to NKT, which attacks the Dalai Lama as nothing more than a corrupt dictator and CIA surrogate)

Indeed. Honest introspection and living compassion are key, not boisterous fanatical allegiance to lords, kings, protectors and cult ideologies (all associated by NKT to its Shugden story).

NKT's obsession with the dark imaginary figure Dorje Shugden is a great distraction and a great illusion created for corporate objectives, although NKT professes what it firmly believes about Shugden is real and that Shugden communes with NKT's lucky members to cure their diseases, protect them from traffic accidents, help them make more money and otherwise succeed materially in ways denied Shugden disbelievers. NKT members stimulate their delusions with the notions that they are better than the rest of us and are on a superior track to nirvana...because they have Shugden and we don't.


NKT's Lord and King, Shugden - enabler of NKT's superiority complex and 'holy' war

a so-called protector in need of NKT's protection

announced several months ago - Shugden has been alive and in hiding for decades, only statues and cartoons of Shugden are available...no photographs, no writings, no public sightings

The book 'Making Up the Mind: How the Brain Creates our Mental World' offers some guidance for NKT,

"...activity in the brain can create a false experience of something happening in the outside world...the striking feature (of schizophrenics) is that these people have false experiences that they firmly believe are real...there is a very interesting feature of the halucinations associated with schizophrenia. These experiences are not about the physical world. These people do not just see colors and hear voices. Their hallucinations are about the mental world. They hear voices commenting on their actions, making suggestions and commands...even if all our senses are intact and our brain is functioning normally, we do not have direct access to the physical world. It may feel as if we have direct access, but this is an illusion created by our brain...perception of the world (is) not direct, but (dependant) on 'unconscious inferences'."

Who knows if NKT is schizophrenic or not. However, NKT's absolute certainty about itself and against most of us is, although profitable, probably only an egocentric illusion based on manipulative as well as unconscious inferences.

Like many cults, NKT permits only one teacher and only his books (Kelsang Gyatso). Outside teachers, writings and photographs, especially those from Tibetan Buddhism, other than an occassional quote by Kelsang Gyatso, are essentially banned.

According to NKT,

"Representatives of the NKT, such as teachers and managers, are not however permitted to invite Lamas from different traditions to teach.

Inviting Tibetan Tulkus and Lamas to teach at NKT centers can undermine the (NKT) teachers' credibility simply because Western teachers appear more run of the mill and "like us" than an exotic Rinpoche.

Recently, a visiting Tibetan Lama and Dorje Shugden practitioner, who is currently in the States to help highlight the situation with the Dalai Lama's ban on Dorje Shugden practice, was invited by some NKT teachers to teach at a branch of one of the NKT centers. They were then requested not to do this because, as Geshe Kelsang has said, "We are different traditions." Over the years, the NKT has consistently resisted inviting Tibetan teachers, including fellow Dorje Shugden practitioners, to teach at NKT centers and this is now in the Internal Rules.

...only those trained in the NKT study programmes are qualified to teach those programmes...it is unlikely that the three NKT study programmes will ever be adopted at the Gelugpa monasteries in India...or that Western NKT teachers, lay or ordained would ever be invited to teach Dharma at Gelugpa monasteries or centers...This is all well and good, as we are different traditions; we are a Western tradition, within Western culture for Western practitioners, and they are a Tibetan tradition, within Tibetan culture, teaching largely in a monastic context. What works for Tibetans does not easily translate for Westerners and the presentation of the teachings, which has been carefully designed for Westerners, differs widely from the Geshe program taught in the monasteries."

NKT - a lesson of what Buddhism is not.


Editors Note:
Ineresting. We are reminded that we prefer Shakyamuni while NKT prefers Shugden.

We don't think that NKT's apparent 'schizophrenia' is uncounscious. It is intentional - sometimes peaceful and seeming drug intoxicated on the outside while egocentric and delusional on the inside, common ingredients of arrogance and greed.