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Want a piece of candy? Want another piece? Want to get into the car and go to the amusement park boys and girls? Sure you do.

Our nectar candy is the sweetest in the world.

You will help us find more friends and newbies through your fundraising, paying rent, selling books, building special motels, and producing festivals. Doesn't that sound like the most fun in the world?

Your body count will help us more than anything else solicit money from charitable foundations and the government. You will come to believe in our pure path and discard your common sense and precious individuality. Trade in your possessions for what we think will be your happiness.

Thank you. Your karma and merit will be blessed. We love you.

Our ends justify your means. Our god Shugden will protect you and harm and kill your (and especially our) enemies. Because you want to be pure, Uncle Shugie is here to comfort you. See his pretty pictures and statues. Do you like our prayer to him?

Please, meditate with us. We are your best friends.

Come boys and girls. It is time to go. Join us. It is your destiny. You will be enlightened and command immortality, infallibilty and lesser beings. You will feel invincible. We will help you in every way we can. Put those reports about our sexual abuse out of your mind. Trust us, and only trust us. Don't trust your observations and experiences.

Everyone is wrong about us. They are all liars. Only we know the truth. We are good. We are pure. You will be good and pure too.

Is our nectar candy working? Ah yes, we knew it would.


NKT skillfully employs this con-man shuffle. Appeal to Western minds with candy - soft spoken 'teachings' about relieving stress, getting along with your mate and fast-track spiritual bliss through secret empowerments and sexual engagements. NKT smartly markets its Cliff Notes version of Buddhism to appeal to the Western mind. Gyatso could not have done so in Tibet or in The Tibet Government in Exile in India. Gyatso with Trijang Rinpoche's guru encouragement realized the prospects for phenomenal success with Western minds.

Gyatso sculpted his psychic fit for Western society. Co-opt enticing precepts of Tibetan Buddhism and transform them into an appealing consumer product - at first subliminally but ultimately overtly via protests and support for litigation against governments to secure government sanction toward immortalization of its uniquely supreme pure path ideology.

Incidiously, NKT is transforming the profound beauties of Buddhism into boastfulness, anger, and ghostly spirit worship.

NKT's proud ambition - a NKT temple for 'peace' in every major city in the world. Along the way, NKT's protests reveal NKT's core theology - a conspiratorial pantheon of deities led by the darkest force in all the universes, Shugden.

Brilliant, but disastrous for all.