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I came across your website and it seems very negative. what is your reasons for such a direct assault on the nkt. Would it be okay for you to assault me if I had a different view than you? Would it be okay for me to assault your spiritual guide/ tradition? Are you helping spread love and compassion? Why would the buddha of compassion need you to protect him? Please search your heart and see what your motivation is and be honest with yourself.


The purpose of this web site is stated on the home page - an urgent plea for NKT to stop attacking Buddhism.

This web site is comprised of hundreds of essays from over 100 authors, many of which are from NKTites who have called non-NKTites every vulgar name in the book, example, for disagreeing with NKT's political war against Tibet, the Dalai Lama and obscene government subsidies. We disagree wiith NKT's leaders sexual obsessions, example. NKT sexual abuse of NKT nuns by early Gyatso heirs is now legendary.

Consider the extreme abuse by NKT of its ex followers, throwing them out of their living quarters paid for by the government, threatening lawsuits and trashing their reputations on several NKT attack web sites.

NKT is harmful to health, exemplified by hundreds of ex NKT followers who found the courage to leave NKT before it was too late.

Tibetan Buddhism is not corrupt as NKT contends, its claimed reason for battling the Dalai Lama.