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Dedicated to Survivors
Truth and bravery matter


June 26
Lucy James wrote, "So says Buddha. Living beings are never our enemies, they are our kind mothers. Only delusions are our enemies...To be clear, this is not a political but humanitarian issue for me. I do not press political solutions, that is not my area." Gyatso/NKT don't agree, explaining why they attack, defame, threaten, and ruin.

June 24
From a Survivor, "Buddha once said, it's better to live one day in enlightenment, than 100 years without. I could say it's better to live 1 day outside of the Cult, than 100 years in the Cult.Tthe Cult leader is a despicable fraud. Scam's his way into things, then takes the title Geshe, so a Fake Geshe, let's it spread around so everyone think he's enlightened and a Buddha, so a Fake Buddha. Makes it known and allows it to spread around you'll be enlightened in 3 years, 3 months & 3 days etc, if you buy into the BS so offering you a false Enlightenment. In so doing Getting you to buy into Worshiping a so called Dharma Protector as they call it, or in reality (Dolgyal) an Evil spirit."

June 22
An appropriate criminal indictment? Conspired to commit wire fraud, by unlawfully soliciting and obtaining funds from various entities and individuals through false and fraudulent promises and representations that the funds would be used for a legitimate purpose...used third parties to divert a portion of those funds to a company owned by the defendant, who then fraudulently provided the funds, disguised as payroll payments, to himself for his personal use.

June 21
Political extremist fervor generates mass murder around the world. Such violence occurred after Gyatso/NKT's initiated their hate campaign against the Dalai Lama. From Newsweek, May 4, 1997, (see Book's companion photos)

"Murder In A Monastery: One night last February, three members of the Dalai Lama's inner circle were brutally killed in a bedroom just a few hundred yards from his residence in the northern Indian city of Dharmsala. The victims were the Dalai Lama's close friend and confidant, 70-year-old Lobsang Gyatso, and two younger monks. Each had been stabbed 15 to 20 times, leaving the walls of their small chamber splattered with blood. Police believe there were five to eight attackers. Robbery was ruled out as a motive; cash and gilded Buddhist statues had been left at the scene. What kind of criminals would commit such carnage in a sanctuary of the world's gentlest religion?...Indian police believe the murders were committed by an obscure Buddhist sect that takes its name and inspiration from a minor but ferocious Tibetan deity: the Dorje Shugden. The god's followers, known as Shugdens, consider themselves guardians of Tibetan Buddhism. Harshly doctrinaire, they have branded the Dalai Lama a traitor for reaching out to other branches of Buddhism...The Shugdens worship a sword-wielding god who is often depicted wearing necklaces of human heads--symbols of conquered vices and transgressions. As one of the minor Dharmapala, or protectors of the faith, Dorje Shugden has for centuries had an underground following among Tibetans obsessed with doctrinal purity...About 15 years ago, the Dalai Lama began to voice concern that the sect was gaining strength and sowing discord. Then, in 1991, a senior monk named Kelsang Gyatso established a new Dorje Shugden order based in England, calling it the New Kadampa Tradition. The NKT flourished by promising spiritual rewards for cash--an unholy sales pitch that helped trigger confrontation with the Dalai Lama's circle...NKT accuses the Dalai Lama of selling out Tibet by promoting its "autonomy" within China rather than outright "independence." Since the Dharmsala murders, security has been tightened around the Dalai Lama. In a recent interview with NEWSWEEK, he expressed his worries about the Dorje Shugden. "That cult is actually destroying the freedom of religious thought," he said...Death threats: The dispute heated up early last year, when the Dalai Lama urged Tibetan Buddhists to avoid the Shugdens. Soon after, the NKT claimed his remarks had led to harassment of Shugden followers in India. Then the threats began. A letter to the Tibetan Women's Association in Dharmsala warned that "there will be bloodshed in the monasteries."

From the Independent, May 1997, "A wrathful deity is the main suspect for three murders in Dharamsala, the Himalayan "capital" of Tibet's government-in-exile...Superintendent RK Singh, who is investigating the stabbing of Lopsang Gyatso, director of the Buddhist School of Dialectics, and his two pupils, believes the most likely motive may be a rift between mainstream Tibetan Buddhism and a fundamentalist sect which worships the deity Dorje Shugden. After the Dalai Lama warned his devotees in May against veneration of Shugden, cult followers in Britain and New Delhi launched a campaign against the Tibetan leader...According to Gareth Sparham, a Canadian scholar, the dispute between the Shugden followers and the Tibetan government-in-exile is as much political as religious. "Shugden is today a political symbol representing an emerging political party wedded to the idea that the final arbiters of Tibet's destiny should be monks, and that it should champion a fundamentalist version of Tibetan Buddhism as a state religion."...Whether the crime was a burglary gone wrong, a politically motivated assassination, or the culmination of a religious feud which spans generations and incarnations, the mountain retreat of Dharamsala is grieving."

From Kerasote in 2003, "In the early 1970s, the Dalai Lama began to express doubts about the worship of a deity that divided Buddhists rather than uniting them. His concerns increased when a splinter movement called the New Kadampa Tradition of Buddhism emerged in Britain, under a leader who used evangelism to gain new recruits, something traditional Buddhism doesn’t permit, and declared Shugden to be a Buddha. Another highly regarded lama and Shugden follower also claimed that Shugden would destroy any Gelugpa practitioner who supplemented his practice with other spiritual traditions...Lobsang, respected, held in great fondness, called by his honorific title, “Gen- la,” or teacher-stepped into the fray. In a series of strident articles, he came to the Dalai Lama’s defense, saying in one of them, “The worship and propitiation of Dolgyal Dorje Shugden, by promoting a rabid form of sectarianism, has caused great trouble to the fabric of Tibetan society and hindered greatly the ability of the government to govern effectively.” For these words he paid with his life."

Gyatso condemned the murders, but not indirect or inspirational involvement.

June 20
Chapter 7 of the book reviewed the 2008 lawsuit that NKT allies filed against the Dalai Lama, the Tibet government-in-exile, and India for violating the religious freedom of Shugden worshipers. This bogus lawsuit was appropriately dismissed by the court April 2012. On page 138 of the book, the author had noted that he did not find the lawsuit's resolution. There was NO violation of religious freedom except that perpetrated by Gyatso/NKT and their Shugden and Chinese government allies.

June 16
From Gyatso/NKT Survivors. "Please be aware that the NKT is not teaching the Buddhadharma. It's basically a set of ideas put forth by a Tibetan man who felt compelled to have others call him a geshe even though he's not a geshe, he's never been able to pass the geshe exam (a sort of PhD in that culture) and a living Buddha. Certainly what you're going to hear from these so called kadampas or kelsangs is not buddhadharma. The original teachings have been simplified, distorted and adapted to the expansionist goals of the cult. Of course meditation can't cure cancer and of course that is not a Buddhist teaching at all. My biggest beef with the NKT is that they turn earnest seekers off the dharma with the bullshit they propagate, or worse, totally mislead and exploit them...They are a dangerous cult feeding off westerners desire for a feel good pseudo spiritual outlet. They do not spread the teachings of the Buddha nor do they carry any of the tradition blessing for the 4 schools of Tibetan Buddhism. They are basically a Chinese Backed cult set up by the Chinese to undermine the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile. Disregard anything you were taught there."

June 14
From a Survivor, "I’m surprised the author isn’t afraid of death threats. Michelle Haslam was severely harassed by Kadampa members for speaking out about the Kadampa “religion”."

June 12
"Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness." (Anne Frank)

June 10
From the author, "July, August, and September 2008, Gyatso/NKT's Sarasota center thanked me often regarding my contributions of a computer, printer, and tech services. I still have some sizzling pictures of the Admin Director. He assembled the Center's user names and passwords to their various accounts for me to finalize setup of the computer I donated. On July 8, he thanked me for my July 3 email and forwarded it to Gen Demo, "In general, it would be very nice to have perhaps a weekly event kind of like the FP program but not requiring a sustained year-long experience. The topic Emptyness can hardly ever be discussed too much. Buddhist Cosmology would be super fascinating (kalpas, how they come into 'existence', Pure Lands). Comparisons/contrasts between Buddhas, bodhisatvas, deites, protectors, yidams, dakinis/dakas. What is Bliss vis a vis tantra. As Demo knows, I always have oodles of questions and pursuits." The book includes several emails between Gen Demo, Lucy James' replacement after being fired by Gyatso for not producing soldiers for his extremist war, and myself."

June 9
From a respected Tibetan Buddhist, "Congratulations as well on your book, it looks interesting. It is always disappointing to see Buddhism put to wretched political or criminal uses for someone's personal gain, particularly as the people attracted to its wisdom are people who need help not exploitation." This is an effective summary of the book.

June 5
Gyatso/NKT's August 2010 worldwide edict, "Because of the potential for great spiritual confusion both now and in the future, we advise and request that NKT Centres, teachers, managers and residents do not get involved with the activities of any Tibetan Buddhist groups, teachers or their students."

June 4
From the author, "We leave behind many fingerprints. Like the ones we leave on windows blurring our view, acting like the filters obscuring our spirituality. The fingerprints that will mean the most to us are the ones we leave behind when we touch the lives of others. These will be the indelible meaning of our life."

See the book's Companion Pictures to see what Gyatso/NKT leave behind.

June 4
Lucy James's 30 years of 'training' yet again proves the inadequacy of Gyatso's understanding and teaching Buddhism. No wonder, Gyatso has not had a teacher in over 42 years and has not been seen or spoken in public since 2013. January 2019, James told us that she saw Gyatso walking around the room enticing James as a Dakini, a female tantric consort.

Today, James published preposterous, deluded defamation against Tsongkhapa, Nagarjuna, Sahara, and Atisha for her birthday gift for Gyatso on his 91st birthday, claiming that Gyatso is "A fully accomplished Buddhist master of the same caliber as these great practitioners of yore...Geshe-la is truly humble – he has lived simply in modest surroundings all his 90 years, just practicing what he preaches, helping others all day long, completely uninterested in any status or other worldly concerns...No one is kinder than our Spiritual Guide...Our Spiritual Guide has given us literally everything we need – there is nothing we don’t have when it comes to traveling this path to liberation or enlightenment...Our Spiritual Guide performs the enlightened actions of a Buddha."

Virtually every Buddhist organization, teacher, and monastery disagrees. As do Gyatso's survivors. And Gyatso/NKT ban all books and recognized teachers of Tsongkhapa, Nagarjuna, and Atisha since 1991; Sahara did not write a book.

James also said, "However, it is also worth remembering that nothing exists outside our mind... Appearances are deceptive and our own opinions are unreliable...Everything we see right now is relatively faulty and ordinary...Whether or not our Spiritual Guide is precious depends upon us and not upon our Spiritual Guide. If we view our Spiritual Guide as a Buddha, we will receive the blessings of a Buddha. If we view him or her as a Bodhisattva, we will receive the blessings of a Bodhisattva, and if we view him or her as an ordinary being, we will receive nothing...So it is up to us – and it is also for us, not our Spiritual Guide. He doesn’t need us to see him as pure. vIt is very helpful to understand that all we ever perceive is a reflection of our mind. An impure mind can only perceive an impure world. If we are waiting to see an objective, truly existent Buddha, we are never going to see one. We need to reach beyond our appearances, beyond the impure, suffering appearances that are capped by the karma we have, to tune into something transcendent and pure."

So false.

(James publishes Gyatso fandom at the blog that Nick Gillespie announced was his blog for promoting his book banned by Gyatso, Kadampa Life.)

June 2
1) Gyatso/NKT are a distorted and dismissive derivative of Tibetan Buddhism. 2) The official literature of Tibetan Buddhism contained in the Kangyur and Tengyur is massive (does not include the thousands of books written the last one-hundred years. Their monumental contributions establish Gyatso/NKT’s hollowness, which they fill with ego inflation, power, envy, greed, misrepresentations, and political protest rallies necessitating strong police protection of the public and the Dalai Lama. 3) The Dalai Lama is a genius and properly emphasizes that beginning Tantra training has crucial pre-requisites (dismissed by Gyatso/NKT, who instead favor its lucrative commercialization). The Dalai Lama collaborates with a wide variety of Buddhist organizations, other religions, co-authors, scientists, clinicians, and phycisists; Gyatso collaborates with no one; his support comes from China and extremists. The Dalai Lama is revered around the world; Gyatso is best known as a pariah. 4) Gyatso’s books are irreverent over-simplifications, akin to books for grade schoolers.

These conclusions are clarified and fortified every time I read a crucial treatise. For example, The Tibetan Book of the Dead written by Padmasambhava in the eighth century, recovered by Terton Karma Lingpa in the fourteenth century, and publicly revealed decades later by his great grandson. The first complete translation was published in 2005 by Graham Coleman and Thupten Jinpa. This treasured book describes the process details of death, rebirth, tantra, and becoming a Buddha. The Dalai Lama wrote the fifteen-page Introduction, a deeply informative document. The genius of the Dalai Lama is shown by his incorporating the viewpoints of all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, whereas Gyatso/NKT rely on a tiny, extremist sect to define their so-called tradition. No wonder that Gyatso/NKT ban all revered books and teachers of Buddhism, envy the Dalai Lama, and are so determined to undermine him. Comparatively, Gyatso/NKT are diminutive bullies indeed. Notably, there is no mention of Shugden

I most easily convey my frame of reference with analogies from my high-profile careers in biology, chemistry, physics, medical research, and aviation. I had merely simplified understanding in these subjects in grade school with rudimentary classes and playing with a rubber-band airplane. Later in medical school, pharmaceutical R&D, public policy, designing and building a high-tech airplane, and with over six-thousand hours of aerobatic flight time, I realized that my grade school understanding was minuscule and often erroneous. One cannot do brain surgery or run NASA with grade school understanding about the intricacies of these endeavors. But, this is how Gyatso/NKT achieve their teachers and grant them their purported superiority, while severely constraining their exposure and training to over-simplifications and misrepresentations. No wonder they have harmed so many with their bravado and fakery. Who wants a neurosurgeon who does not know anatomy and physiology or flight intstructor or airline captain who does not know how to fly, confining their knowledge to entry-level memorization? Reliance on manipulative, soporific demeanor is bound to be a disaster, sooner or later.

June 1
Stephen Batchelor (1998). "When you have a group like the NKT who have broken away from mainstream Tibetan Buddhism, then clearly all the authority comes to rest on one person. You have a somewhat aggressive organization that deeply believes in the value of what it’s doing. If you question the authority, that doesn’t go down well. You are expected to conform. There are amazing promises given to you if you do follow the path as they teach it. So, consequently, it does lead to a rather fanatic mentality.”

June 1
Gyatso/NKT will create a global advertising campaign for the book, directly or through their agents spreading lies, rumors, and extremist conspiracy theories about the author. Maybe even sponsor protest rallies and/or blackmail and more threats against his safety. An avalanche of media attention will ensue. In 2015, Gyatso/NKT claimed that the author reached hundreds of thousands of their members. Presumably, their membership is now hundreds of thousands of members greater. When they purchase the book they will make the book's sales soar to a global best seller. Gyatso/NKT, like they do for any book not written by Gyatso or a ghost writer, will ban the book .

What if 200,000 Gyatso/NKT members purchase the book? At $25 average price, this would mean $5 million in sales. Notable beneficiaries would include Tibetan Buddhism and Gyatso/NKT Survivors.

May 31
The British newspaper, The Guardian, published July 4, 2004,
"A flood of several hundred protest emails reached the observer last month after the British weekly, which belongs to the Guardian media group, reported on planned demonstrations in Great Britain against the Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual head living in exile. Apologies and denials were demanded. A storm of indignation broke out on Twitter, posters were waved in front of our London office, so you could almost believe that it was a perfectly organized campaign with the aim of forcing the newspaper to take back the story - and all this from seemingly peace-loving Buddhists...The sect, which is classified as extremist by the International Campaign for Tibet, has published pictures that portrayed the Dalai Lama as a pig, called him a Muslim and compared him to Hitler. In addition, the article said that the sect members believed in an evil spirit without mentioning its name. This gives his opponents madness and death. The New Kadampa Tradition (NKT), which adores this spirit Shugden, continues the story, plans demonstrations against the Dalai Lama during his performances in a new Buddhist center in Hampshire and at the Glastonbury Festival...The ISC, which claims not an NKT organization, but undoubtedly consists predominantly of and is led by NKT members, uses a strong form of manipulation, which is also a central part of its social media campaigns. When they are questioned by the media, the demonstrators repeatedly claim to conduct a legitimate human rights campaign, but in reality the campaign serves the goal of personally attacking a prominent religious leader. So the observer came under heavy fire. We will delete the reference to an "evil spirit" in the online version of the article, but revocation and apology? Probably not that."

May 27
Typo on page 25 regarding author's email to Gyatso/NKT center May 9, 2008 and emailed directly to Dekyong May 14, 2008 ('from' changed to 'with' in first line),
“The mess is anti-Buddhism. Rather than participate with the egregious name calling and an array of other samsaric egoistic sufferings throughout the web site of the Western Shugden Society and partly echoed Wednesday (effectively, a disturbing political message for the world, which will do far more damage, especially to subtle minds, than what the Dalai Lama is being blamed for), far greater adherence to Tsongkappa’s teachings throughout The Great Treatise would be achieved by showing the world and each other the fruits of compassion by practicing compassion in real rather than meditative and passive and negative ways. If the Dalai Lama is wrong, he should be helped rather than blamed.  Rather than bitterness aimed at the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism, and rather than demonstrate hatred in preparation for and during the planned demonstration against the Dalai Lama as the sadly-political denouement of the Spring Festival’s Vajrapani Empowerment, far greater good will be achieved by helping others, not showing the world another ‘he said she said’. The theater of a march against the Dalai Lama at the conclusion of a Vajrapani Empowerment will make Shakyamuni and Manjushri and Avalokiteshvara wince and help the world turn away from holiness. What the Dalai Lama does need not interfere with compassion and wisdom; certainly attacking the Dalai Lama attacks compassion and wisdom, more ours than his. Those reaching further down the path need not pause to show the world more ugliness. Any of us with the strength of enlightenment surely will do better.  I keep asking, why not use this strength?
Pray that I am not ostracized inane fashion described in the Tibetan Situation Today – Surprising Hidden News.”