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Politically savvy NKT is.

Like all politicians, NKT says it is not political, all facts to the contrary. OK. We get it. Wink, wink, NKT is not political. NKT's founder can say his battle was political, but NKT pretends otherwise. It makes good politics these days to say you are not political and did nothing wrong.

Also, NKT has perfected its spin machine. No matter what anyone says about NKT, its defense is stunningly simple. There are only two talking points to remember.

First, NKT hides behind its god, Shugden. After all, who likes to criticize a god, even if it has been evolved for western consumption from a scary Tibetan ghost.

Second, NKT redefines the competition, the proven tactic of top-tier marketers. If you criticize NKT, you are a puppet of the Dalai Lama. Ridiculous enough to confuse any corner you find yourself in. Cleverly, NKT apologists accuse NKT critics as being apologists for the Dalai Lama, regardless of their orientation.

Like all politicians, NKT has great ego and energy to win at all costs - truth and compassion necessary casualties in NKT's war.


Editors Note:
As stated here before, we and all of our essayists to our knowledge, are not defending the Dalai Lama. While he seems a fine individual and worthy of his worldwide respect, we and our essayists mention the Dalai Lama because he is the target of NKT's battle and he is deeply connected with Tibetan history. If NKT wasn't so obsessed with the Dalai Lama and NKT's corny version of a Tibetan spirit, mention of the Dalai Lama and at least most of this web site, would not appear here. We are not promoting the Dalai Lama. Hundreds of thousands of published accolades regarding the Dalai Lama appear elsewhere.