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NKT has a right to exist, though not an unlimited one. If a legitimate charity, it has a right to rightful taxpayer subsidies. It has a right to practice religion. It even has a right to discuss Buddhism and any other religion it chooses, but it is none of those.

Knowing a few words of a language does not mean one understands that language.

Quoting some Tibetan words does not make one Tibetan. Quoting some Tibetan Buddhists does not make one a Tibetan Buddhist. Quoting some words of the founders of Kadampa does not make one Kadampa. Quoting some words of Buddha Shakyamuni or his successor practitioners and teachers does not make one a Buddhist.

NKT's founder was once a Buddhist. But Gyatso relinquished Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhism in general. Gyatso bans all words of Buddhists inside NKT other than Gyatso's selected quotes and interpretations. Certainly, Gyatso and NKT are not Kadampa Buddhists. Gyatso bans their words and writings too inside NKT other than his selections and interpretions.

Gyatso abandoned Buddhist monastic vows and practices. That is his right. But that does not make his monks and nuns Buddhist monks and nuns.

Gyatso has no right to market himself as Kadampa Buddhism. This is false advertising and a fraud used to cheat NKT visitors and members.

However, Gyatso has a right to define his own religion, could call it a 'New Tradition'. Gyatso has the right to define his own clergy, could call them 'New Tradition' monks and nuns.

Gyatso has no right to harm anyone, including his clergy, his followers and survivors of his 'New Tradition' and clergy.

Gyatso has no right, though probably a legal one but not a spiritual one, to attack Tibetan Buddhism as degenerate and the Dalai Lama as illegitimate. His attacks are certainly not based on truth.

Likewise, taking a few classes in Internet psychology does not mean that one is a competent, legitimate or a legal psychotherapist. However, this is what Gyatso and NKT advertise they are, and their classes revolve around this professed capacity. No wonder so many have escaped NKT harmed significantly.

February 1997, Gyatso assured Newsweek that he would no longer protest against the Dalai Lama. Two years later, Gyatso admonished his clergy not to engage those outside NKT. Nevertheless, NKT ignored Gyatso, and have published countless attacks and made countless threats. Even Gyatso ignored Gyatso, boasting in 2008 being the organizer of new protests rallies around the world.

Again, Gyatso/NKT has a legal right to do many things, though not a legal right to harm or threaten anyone. Note: a legal right is a low bar to meet compared to integrity and spirituality. Gyatso/NKT has no spiritual right to claim they are a Buddhist tradition.