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Can't Stop Laughing, or Crying


$40 cost at the door. Hope you buy some gifts and snacks in our store too.

Unlicensed family counseling, psychotherapy, child care.

And whatever else we can sell.

Fake clergy and Buddhism too, though virtually all books and teachers about monastics and Buddhism are banned here.

Competence or credential not necessary with Gyatso on our side (though he has been gone since 2013). Only your money we desire.


Have a credit card or cash? You can join Kelsang Demo protesting around the world. And help pay her expenses too. We promise quick enlightenment and solution to all your problems in return.

Kelsang Demo, the family healing therapist, also leads hateful political rallies against the Dalai Lama around the world. Anti family. NKT wants your financial support for this too to combine with its taxpayer subsidies for its political battles on behalf of China to meddle with Tibetan religion and freedom.