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NKT recently made many changes to one of its array of web sites.

The most notable change ... NKT has a new head.

Khyenrab has been replaced by Dekyong. Just a few months ago, NKT announced that its founder, Gyatso, retired and was replaced with Khyenrab. Dekyong's previous post has been handed to an NKT 'nun' named Kunsang.

In this photo from an NKT protest rally, Khyenrab is to the right of Dekyong in the middle of the photo.



Khyenrab was infamous for his front-row fists at protest rallies and marches, his posing for pictures with The Tibetan Situation Today (NKT's political attack brochure, recently reprieved by NKT's new polemic, A Great Deception) and his presiding over NKT's politics and mission to trash talk ex NKT members and clergy and the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan Lamas and to denigrate Tibetan Buddhism as degenerate and corrupt.

Some have reported that Khyenrab is ill and sought retirement.

Others worry that Khyenrab may have been involved in a scandal, though not as yet linked to wrongdoing like the sexual misconduct of Gyatso's previous heirs and other NKT clergy.

NKT has not revealed its explanation for Khyenrab's abrupt departure. Clearly, Khyenrab was healthy enough to protest.

Maybe Dekyong's anticipated promotion is why she was given champagne and strawberries in this photo by 'Kadam Nick' (who has left NKT to become an event planner).


Ironically, the NKT chapter in which this photo was taken is selling some of its pop psychology in a series called "Breaking the Habit: Overcoming Addictive Tendencies." Such a topic should be mandatory learning for new NKT members and clergy.

NKT describes this series in this way,

"We all have habits we want to break. Some habits that initially seem harmless can grow out of control and end up destroying our health, happiness and relationships.

In this series we will look at the inner causes of our bad habits and how to overcome addictive tendencies using spiritual practices like meditation, purification and positive determinations to overcome them.

Everyone is Welcome"

As we all know, however, not everyone is welcome.

NKT's inner cause for addiction, Shugden, an imaginary figure NKT calls Lord, the great compassionate one, and reincarnation of Buddhas Manjushri and Tsongkhapa. Exemplified....addictions are delusional.

Do Buddhas reincarnate? NKT's own purported 'Buddha' (Gyatso) claims he will not reincarnate.

And, NKT's own resident 'Buddha' chose Khyenrab as his successor without knowing that Khyenrab would last only a few months. Clueless?


Editors Note:
April 14, 2010, NKT itself reported the change of NKT's leadership. Khyenrab purportedly resigned due to illness.

An NKTite responded to this news by noting that in the tradition of Tsongkhapa, which NKT purports adherence, "nuns were generally considered by the patriarchy to be second-class citizens, and it was unheard of for a woman to be appointed as a leader for monks, nuns and lay people. Until now, women have had to hide their light under a bushel. This is therefore an extraordinary ground-breaking development in the history of Buddhism. All kudos to the NKT." Indeed....the top positions in NKT are now held by women who thoroughly enjoy political protesting.


Ironically, while NKT tries to claim that mixing politics and religion is evil, NKT relied upon the political mechanism of voting by its Education Council in selecting Dekyong as Khyenrab's replacement. We wonder, who comprises NKT's education council.

We have heard from an individual who attended a session with Dekyong, finding Dekyong boisterous of her pride, disrespectful of Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama and disrespectful of long-time NKT teacher Lucy James for not supporting NKT's campaign against the Dalai Lama and not sending her students to NKT's protest rallies, thus the rationale for her dismissal by Gyatso as resident teacher. NKT has made Dekyong vindictive and conspiratorial.