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Gyatso's Censorship

Terrified by losing power, control and wealth Gyatso censors Buddhism from NKT, substituting fake psychotherapy, fake clergy, business temples, vacations, sensory pleasures, soporific faces and get togethers, and purported Buddhism distorted by misinterpretation, fabrication and censorship. Insecure and manipulative, Gyatso created a cult, not a sangha. No wonder so many have reported being harmed and he is so controversial.

There are thousands of real sources of real Buddhism. Literally tens of thousands, at least, of sutras, commentaries, treatises, academic explorations, publications and teachers. All banned by Gyatso.

This six-book series is highly recommended. The Foundation of Buddhist Thought by Tashi Tsering. Six volumes: The Four Noble Truths, Relative Truth/Ultimate Truth, Buddhist Psychology, The Awakening Mind, Emptiness and Tantra.

They are eminently readable, accurate and coherent. They will embrace 2,500 years of teachings. They will nurture you with a profound journey. They will show you the way in a beautiful way that will stick with you. They will not mislead you or censor you. They will help you see where you came from, where you are and where you are going...and most importantly, HOW. They will help answer how we and things exist.

"The Buddha's message is a universal one. We all search for happiness but somehow fail to find it because we are looking for it in the wrong places. Only when we start cherishing others will true happiness grow within us." (from the Foreward by Lama Zopa Rinpoche)

Volume 1 noted the following, which is relevant to Gyatso's abuse. (pages 51 and 78)

"We all know what usually happens when we face difficulties – we experience impatience and anger, we blame others, and we display an artillery of defensive strategies...but this satisfaction is very shallow and very harmful, because it blocks us from full knowledge of the truth of suffering and the other noble truths...attacking or abusing someone does not create karmic imprints (in the victim). However, the mind that motivates such actions does create karmic imprints."

Karmic imprints carry from one moment to the next, from one lifetime to the next.

Volume 2 noted the following. (page 3)

"The more egocentric we are, the tighter our mind is, and consequently the unhappier we are...Compassion is vital, otherwise the selfish mind will lead us to harm others and, paradoxically, ourselves."

Few have a more selfish mind that those running NKT.


Editors Note
Only one of Gyatso's 2 dozen books is recommended, Buddhism in the Tibetan Tradition. It was published before Gyatso abandoned Tibetan Buddhism, instituted an abusive cult and created a bogus political struggle against the Dalai Lama. This book retains the accuracy and readability of modern books about Buddhism.