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(This blog post is reprinted here only because it relates to recent posts about this web site from NKT supporters.)


Over the last few days, the NKT poster Wisdom Moon and elsewhere on the web has posted here denying that the NKT are in bed with the Chinese political establishment.

Subsequently, a number of posts have appeared proving exactly that. To recap:

Fact-the NKT-WSS (Same company, different name).

The WSS is one wing of a two winged organization, the other being the DSDCRS in Delhi.(Threat letters to opponents countersigned by both)

The DSCRS work with and receive funding from China.

Why then has Wisdom Moon/'Empty Mountains'/'Thom'/'(possible real name removed)' disappeared from view?

2 probable reasons.

It has been realized that every time the NKT deny and ask for proof of their Chinese links, an abundance of evidence floods out onto the internet.

Or, the NKT legal eagles are, once again, wondering who they can threaten with another of their intimidatory and disingenuous lawsuits.

It's hard to work out why the NKT have such a problem with truth. Unless, of course they think they hold a monopoly on it.

Maybe they'll sue for breach of copyright?

Or perhaps WM is concentrating on his other job of continuous sanitizing of the Wikipedia page on the NKT. Posters are invited to visit the Wikipedia page and place any genuine, though critical information on that site. Then observe how long it remains. Don't blink now, or you'll miss it.

Here's a mail from an NKT site that gives us an insight into the disingenuous minds et that drives these people

"….is it possible that you abstain from importing the horrors that are published out there about Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and the New Kadampa Tradition? ………it's too much, we don't need to give them more space in the web than the one they already take. Please?"

Interesting, the quantification of space.

More interesting, the implicit message "Don't quote from pieces critical of the cause as search engines will pick it up."


We do not know if a connection between NKT is direct, indirect or both, or simply apparent.

There are tens of thousands of blog posts, approximately several dozen web/blog sites, hundreds of media stories, several dozen youtube videos with comments and several books pertaining to NKT. One blog alone, at Trycycle entitled 'Dorje Shugden: Deity or Demon', consists 100+ pages with 2,675 posts.

We wonder if they are used by NKT lawyers to identify targets, strategize threats and prepare court pleadings.

Reportedly, this was the case regarding NKT's action against the author of the book 'A Cuckoo in the Peacock Palace: The Decline of Tradition in 21st Century Western Buddhism and the Rise of the New Kadampa Tradition'.

Ultimately, it may be that stories about NKT's response to this book may have greater impact than the book itself. Likewise for any other NKT target.

If NKT ever does force themselves into a courtroom, their record will make them look very foolish. Imagine the spectacle of the ensuing media attention, especially if NKT shows up with its protest rally busses filled with NKTites, megaphones and refreshments like they did against the Dalai Lama.

NKT claims,

"As a new development in the West it has had teething problems -- some expected, some not. The NKT-IKBU is trying to learn from its mistakes and is not unwilling to have them pointed out.

(these teething problems have included sexual scandals by appointed heirs to Kelsang Gyatso and firing a senior NKT Resident Teacher for not participating in his political protest rallies against the Dalai Lama)

Yet when one of the top five anti-defamation law firms in the world recently investigated both the NKT-IKBU and all the libel on the Internet against it, it came to the conclusion: "The New Kadampa Tradition is a respectable international organization whose reputation has been severely defamed.""

("all the libel".....suggesting dozens or hundreds of NKT litigation targets, eg Tricycle Magazine for its blog 'Dorje Shugden: Deity or Demon')

We wonder how many billable hours it took NKT's corporate lawyers for their research of tens of thousands of comments criticizing NKT to arrive at this conclusion. It would have cost NKT tens of thousands of Euros at conventional fee rates. Or, is NKT blowing smoke?