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Y'all in the firing line these days.

This Shugden blog analysis may be my favorite,

"The feigned persecution complex by the Editor is merely a cry-wolf tactic meant to artificially garner sympathy and support — it is a form of emotional blackmail directed towards his own readers."

A rather dismal psychiatric diagnosis for your Editor.

Get some rest, maybe more absurdity about your Editor's psyche are forthcoming.


We saw that....on a blog whose home page says,

"We promote and value HARMONY. Please do not post anything negative about any lamas, sects, deities or anyone."

Regarding persecution complex, consider this NKT comment about itself,

"New Kadampa Tradition students and teachers have been accused of being spirit worshippers and cultists, even murderers. They have been accused of destroying the health and lives of others, even of causing the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Britain. They have been heckled and shouted at, barred from other Tibetan Buddhist organizations and online Buddhist forums, spat at, and threatened."

There is nothing like this on this web site. We do not feel persecuted by NKT. While NKT bans many from attending its centers, we do not ban NKT.