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Moving Bullets Exist

A big message these days from NKT is that nothing exists. You don't exist. Your suffering does not exist. Your happiness does not exist. Your body does not exist. Blah blah blah.

Of course, they say this to sell something and to rationalize Gyatso/NKT abuse of its monks, nuns, followers and survivors.

Of course, they don't believe it for an instant.

For example, they know moving bullets exist. They are very real.

They resorted to limiting Gyatso's appearances because his controversy generated the fear to Gyatso/NKT that he would be shot, his non-existent body killed by a moving bullet. The bullet-proof vests Gyatso wore, the body guards and the investigatiion of the distant woods to assure there were no gunmen lirking, were not enough, so they removed Gyatso from public view and presence entirely. Seen rarely before 2013, he has not been seen in public or his temples or at his secured festivals since 2013.

And they are sinfully proud of their real estate shrines to Gyatso. You see, they exist too. (their focus is that you and their abuse of you don't exist; only what matters to them exists...like their real estate, power, threats, retributions and wealth)

And Gyatso/NKT feverishly attack scores on the Internet. You see, their mirage image exists and they believe that defamation and threats against survivors and critics will protect the existence of what they worship.

Particularly incredible...

Gyatso/NKT threaten frivolous lawsuits, eg NKT Squashes Book, Anatomy of a Lawsuit and TOSSED, BANNED, LAWSUIT THREATENED. Gyatso/NKT even threatened, in 2015, legal action against this web site (Warning). Several years ago, at a festival attended by Gyatso, it was announced several lawsuits were forthcoming. What sense could this possibly make, especially in view of the requirement for NKT compensate in many jurisdictions all expenses of their lawsuit target should NKT lose their filed lawsuit. Courts might even require NKT to pay additional penalties.

These threats would have required credible evidence and disclosure of Gyatso/NKT finances, internal deliberations surrounding sexual assaults by NKT heirs and others inside NKT, videotaped depositions of Gyatso, his banks, his board of directors, key contributors and many managers inside NKT, and much more – all available for public dissemination and analysis. And, their lawsuits would have generated massive media coverage around the world, including documentaries, magazine articles and wide newpaper/radio/television coverage. Half or more of Gyatso/NKT followers and clergy would leave. Likely, criminal investigations would follow as well to pursue tax fraud and misuse of charity status (the subject of a recent petition). They would have to address worldwide condemnation of them by dozens of Buddhist organizations, Buddhist monasteries (particularly Gyatso's Tibetan monastery), hundreds of their survivors, academics, book authors, magazine article writers and the press – all recorded forever in history.

Many Buddhist organizations have already addressed Gyatso/NKT evils.

At least once, Gyatso/NKT were sued. NKT lost, awarding plaintiffs over $1 million. (Loss)

Gyatso/NKT do not understand the Buddhist practice of destroying sand mandalas that took hundreds of hours to create. You see, the destruction of the mandala serves as a reminder of the impermanence of life. The coloured sand is swept up into an urn and dispersed into flowing water - a way of extending the healing powers to the whole world. It is seen as a gift to the mother earth to re-energise the environment and universe


By the way, notice the robes of the Tibetan monks. Gyatso/NKT copy them for their fake clergy to fake lineage to New Kadampa Buddhism, a 600-year-old form of Tibetan Buddhism, which Gyatso/NKT say is corrupt and deserving their political protest rallies. Gyatso/NKT despises everyone in this video and what they represent, teach and practice.

Question: since Gyatso/NKT claim that your body does not exist, why do they wear robes?