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Bravo Dr. Haslam

If you really care and if you take actions, wanting to enlighten the public or to protect others from the harm of cults and if people listen to you and take you seriously in what you say, highly likely you will get into real trouble – either legally or by being smeared online. Recently, a clinical psychologist, Dr. Michelle Haslam, started to educate the public on the threats against mental health potentially inflicted by the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT). Since then, she has been heavily stalked, harassed, gaslighted and ridiculed by followers or leaders of this controversial 'Buddhist' group. Followers or leaders of the group even reported her to be unfit for her work, trying to make her lose her job. But Michelle didn’t give up and set up a new website and a new YouTube channel ‘RECOVERY FROM THE NEW KADAMPA TRADITION’.

Dr Michelle Haslam, clinical psychologist and ex-resident of a New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) centre, has teamed up with several collaborators and supporters to relaunch her report based website www.newkadampatraditionreport.org. The site now also links to resources such as testimonies, YouTube videos and podcasts. Michelle’s original analysis of the NKT is broken down into sections with relevant links embedded.

Recovery from the New Kadampa Tradition – A Resource Center: Liberation from Indoctrination

Recovery from The New Kadampa Tradition YOUTUBE channel

Recovery from The New Kadampa Tradition TWITTER

Compassion at work in the face of attacks on safety and livelihood.

Admirable. So strong you are. So beneficial you are.


This brings us to tears. We are with you. We thank you. We will take care.

"How does it FEEL when those who run the New Kadampa Tradition try to ruin your life? This video details physical trauma I have experienced after finding the defamation website www.dr-michelle-haslam.com set up in my name by senior NKT." (Dr. Michelle Haslam)