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First there was one. Now there are two.

July 2010, Shugdenites exploded with excitement, revealing that their Shugden had reincarnated several decades ago.

August 2011, Shugdenites announced that another Shugden incarnation has emerged, a young boy this time, recognized by a 'monk' in a trance possessed by Shugden (aka Dulzin). A 'spirit' Shugden identifying a 'reincarnate' Shugden...on video. Shugden announced his own reincarnation....thus alive and 'dead' at the same time (analogous to the other incarnation of Shugden announced July 2010 who has been living for decades).


"Dulzin is blessing so many people and he pauses with one young monk. He throws blessed rice on his head, blows on his eyes, ears, face and crown of the head. To open the seeds of his imprints from previous incarnations. Also he gave him blessed rice to eat daily. This is how Dulzin (Shugden) is recognizing a young reincarnated Tulku from the crowd. The next procedure is the head monk(s) will ask Dulzin his reincarnated name, status and enthrone him. This was a spontaneous recognition where Dulzin gives special attention to this young undiscovered (till now) Tulku."

The video...


Still, NKT whines that there is not enough (bizarre) Shugden worship in the world as NKT links Shugdenism to everything it does as it exports its westernized version of Shugdenism.

How many more Shugdens will emerge? Will they go on a media tour or join NKT protest rallies?

What crazy demonism NKT tries to spread around the world and now trying to teach children.